International Day Of Persons with Disabilities

FISE, the international organization of teachers, stands by the side of the trade unions and of people with disabilities.

In November the 29th, the Steering Committee of the Disabled People in Greece organized a demonstration in front of the Finance Ministry. The demonstration was supported by members of FISE and WFTU, who declared that the struggle of the class unions for free education, free medicine, doctors, free care of the disabled people is in daily provision. That, it is not a one-day fight.

It is a struggle for the rights of each and every one of us, a struggle for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, a struggle for the reinforcement of the solidarity. A struggle for the conviction of the governments and the strategies, that oblige the disabled to survive, thanks to charity and begging.

A new demonstration has been programmed on Monday 3.12.2012, the International Day of Persons with disabilities, at the central square of Athens.

The main requests are the functioning of schools, that have been closed, and the free of charge cover of medical needs of people with disabilities.