International Day Against Child Labour

images (2)120 million children worldwide aged 5 to 14 years work, according to data from ILO. The report highlights that, without distinction of sex, both boys and girls of this age are equally vulnerable to forced labour. Poverty and lack of decent work for adults as well as the lack of social protection and ensuring access to education for all children, are the main causes children are being extruded into the workforce.

paidergThe Global Federation of Union Teachers member of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) welcomes the International day against child labour and stresses that millions of children are captive to child labour and exploitation and billions of adults are experiencing poverty and misery due to imperialist interventions Those are the consequences the people pay for the embargoes, blockades and measures enforced by the EU, NATO and the capitalist governments.

16Children’s rights to education, health and all-round development, remain a distant dream for millions and is directly connected to the problems experienced by the working class of the world. Experience shows that favorable legislation for the rights of children is not enough where the labor force is a source of profit for employers and where capitalism throws more and more people into unemployment.

The GFUT, within the ranks of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), will continue to fight child labour and struggle against the imperialist interventions of the EU and NATO. 

We invite educators around the world to continue the fight against child exploitation, against the causes which deprive children their education, against governments that tolerate the selling of child labour.

All children belong in school, in sport centres, in summer camps playing and having fun.

We strive to abolish poverty, hunger, unemployment, illiteracy.

We fight for children’s rights and the rights of teachers

For the rights of the global working class