ICATU Statement on the 73th anniversary of Nakba



International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions on the occasion of

The seventy-third anniversary of the Nakba of Palestine


The seventy-third anniversary of the Nakba of Palestine this year coincides with the enlargement of the blessed Eid al-Fitr prayers, which chanted to announce that the time of the Nakba is gone, that the uprising of Jerusalem, the protests of the Jerusalemites, and the confrontation of the occupation in defense of Al-Aqsa in the holy month, and that the nozzles of the fire of the Gaza resistance rockets fired to protect the shoulder of the uprising, open the gates of victory and light the way to begin The march to liberate all parts of the stolen land.

The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions condemns the heinous crime committed by the Zionist occupation forces in their brutal aggression against the Palestinian people by using live bullets, rubber bullets, sound bombs, and tear gas, and all forms of brutal oppression and brutal repression against unarmed demonstrators in the city of Jerusalem and its neighborhoods and the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque Especially Bab al-Amoud and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, as well as in various cities in the West Bank, and inside the Israeli entity, as well as the raids of aircraft and warships and indiscriminate bombing of residential neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip. This led to dozens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded civilians, most of them children, women and families who were safe in their homes. Emphasizes the fascist nature of the racist state supported by the American administration. In an attempt to frustrate the Palestinian people and break their will and determination to continue the march of struggle, directing the occupation and confronting projects of displacement, and building of settlements. And to achieve his legitimate national goals of liberation, return, and the establishment of his independence state, with Jerusalem as its capital.

The ICATU proudly salutes the cohesion of the popular uprising and the Palestinian resistance, which brought the Palestinian cause back to the position of international prominence and steadfastly dropped the plans for Judaizing Jerusalem, violating its Islamic and Christian sanctities, projects to annex the West Bank, accomplish the “deal of the century” and liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions commends the Arab, regional, and international free peoples and their workers organizations for supporting the Palestinian people in their heroic straggle in defense of Jerusalem, and sees in this moral support as a support for the Palestinian cause and a correction for the Arab compass that some of its submissive regimes creeping towards normalization with the usurping Israeli entity of the State of Palestine.

ICATU also condemns the disgraceful silence of the failed Arab regimes and the suspicious international complicity. The one who caused the captivity of Palestine and the catastrophe of 1948 and is still weaving in the dark rooms plots to settle the Palestine issue.

The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions affirms that after 73 years of the Zionist occupation, Palestinian legitimate rights will not be absent from the conscience of the Palestinian people and their determination to resist the occupation, restore their usurped land and establish their free and independent state on all Palestinian soil.

On the anniversary of the Nakba. We praise the precious souls of the martyrs who redeemed Palestine with their pure blood, and we assure the prisoners who are unjustly in the occupation prisons that “neither prison remains nor the jailer.” And that “the liberation of Palestine is near.”

ICATU congratulates the blessed Eid al-Fitr to our people in Palestine and the Arab and Muslim countries. Calling for unity and solidarity in support of the Palestinian cause and support for the Palestinian people in their existential struggle against the Zionist occupation.

Secretary General

Ghassan Ghosn