Honorary Teachers Federation Of India Supports MPASS

Madhya Pradesh Para Teachers Strike.
MP Para Teachers gave ultimatum and made themselves bald head. The ATITHI SHIKSHAKS who were on strike for last two days at SHAHJANI PARK in Bhopal (MP). They withdrew there strike and warned the state government after passing 72 hours strike. They gave an ultimatum to the government  in which they warned the government to fulfil all demands of para teachers. Incase of non accepting their just demands, the Para Teachers again starts their movement from BBOODNI, the native place of Honourable CHIEF MINISTER’.Rally will be organised all over the state. LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO, Generalising of Honorary Teachers Federation Of India made this Press Release.  Generalissimo PATRO said that Para Teachers,  Pre School Teachers,and ASHAS participated in strike with enthusiasm. The Para Teachers of Madhav Pradesh displayed their wrath by making themselves bald head. they protested the policies of government which dragged them on footpath.
The opposition leader Away Singh reached the spot and addressed the ATITHI SHIKSHAKS. Mr. Singh said that if they will form government, they will regularise the STITHIANS SHIKSHAKS and provide all facilities to Para Teachers,  Pre School Teachers. The ASHAS will also be benefitted as much as possible. Generalissimo PATRO showed deep sympathy to the struggle of suppressed teachers.In this freezing cold time.  ASHAS continued their strike which carries historic importance. The Para Teachers made themselves half nude to show protest but none of them government representative came and talked.. By the evening the Para Teachers started begging alms on road. Honorary Teachers Federation Of India criticises the government.
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