HONORARY TEACHERS FEDERATION of INDIA Solidarity Supports the Movement of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS against State Government of Madhya Pradesh

The Central Committee of HONORARY TEACHERS FEDERATION OF INDIA (HTFI) solidarity supports the movement of ATITHI SHIKSHAK I.e. Para Teachers of Madhya Pradesh. The HTFI Generalissimo LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO said that the HTFI always supports all type of teachers movements which follows the welfare of teachers. The demands of M.P. ATITHI SHIKSHAK UNION are just and the State Government will have to fulfill their demands. State Government of M.P. does not have the right to crush the rights of working class I.e. ATITHI  SHIKSHAK. Further Generalissimo Patro said that if the M.P Government denies, the ATITHI SHIKSHAKS of MadhyaPr adesh will be on strike against injustice of state government of MP from 25th Dec.2017. The State President has declared that the strike will last til the government accept the demands of Para Teahers. The demands are as follows:

  1. All Atithi Shikshak, PreSchool Teachers should be regularized.
  2. The state government has to train all untrained I.e. Non-D.Ed/B.Ed. teachers for no cost.
  3. The State Government must follow the order of Honourable High Court of M.P. in which it is said,” The state government conduct a symbolic written test and regularized the Atithi Shikshaks.
  4. Because of Price Inflation it is very hard for Atithi Shikshaks to run their lives for very low income. Hence the State Government is supposed to increase salary up to 25000 to 30000 per month.
  5. All rights and facilities of regular teacher should be given to Atithi Shikshak.
  6. The daily wages of Atithi Shikshak is merely 100 rupees and 30 rupees for chafe which should be increased.

The Atithi Shikshak Union decided to protest the brutal government and beg alms on the road and lane of Bhopal. State Government of M.P ignores Atithi Shikshak and their welfare

Atithi Shikshaks I.e.Para Teachers have sworn to have their rights this time. HONORARY TEACHERS FEDERATION OF INDIA condemns M.P.Government this regard and appreciates the dare of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS who know no fear and stand unitedly against so called ruling government.

Solidarity Salute

Central Committee
Honorary Teachers Federation Of India