Honorary Teachers Federation Of India (HTFI) Solidarity Supports ATITHI SHIKSHAKS I.e. GUEST TEACHERS STRIKE in Madhya Pradesh

Generalissimo LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO despatched a Press Release in favour of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS STRIKE. Generalissimo LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO said that the Honorary Teachers Federation Of India HTFI presents  Solidarity Salute to the ATITHI SHIKSHAK of Madhya Pradesh for the strike organized on February 2018 against the government’s attempt to impose even more severe and harsh policy to guest teachers i.e. ATITHI SHIKSHAKS
The attack towards the ATITHI SHIKSHAKS right, the grass unemployed in Madhya Pradesh by the government. The ATITHI SHIKSHAKS launched well organized and uncompromising struggle.
The success of the strike of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS in the public sector on February 2018 and the militant initiatives of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS are encouraging hundreds of unions that choose to collide with the capital and the governments which serve them.
HTFI wishes a great success on February 2018.
With militant greetings.
Central Committee
Honorary Teachers Federation Of India