Homage and Memorial Event took place on Saturday November 4th 2017 in Foggia, South Italy to honor the famous trade union leader Giuseppe Di Vittorio, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his death.

Giuseppe Di Vittorio was elected president of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) in July 1949 during the 2nd WFTU Congress in Milan, Italy.

In this Congress trade unions from 61 countries representing 71 million workers took part.

In the event took part and addressed the WFTU General Secretary of WFTU, George Mavrikos  and Pierpaolo Leonardi on behalf of the leadership of USB-Italy.

In his speech the WFTU General Secretary underlined:

“Giuseppe Di Vittorio was a class militant who struggled against the capitalistic exploitation for the emancipation of the International Working Class. These days in Italy some bureaucrats, reformists trade union leaders are trying to present Giuseppe Di Vittorio almost as a reformist like themselves… The duty of all who respect the historic truth is to spread the principles of the class struggle , the principles of WFTU. The WFTU is proud for the life and action of Giuseppe Di Vittorio who was President of WFTU in the period 1949-1957”