Greek teachers and pupils fight against the monstrosity of unemployment   


Greek teachers and pupils fight against the monstrosity of unemployment

A massive protest was organized last Friday, at the Ministry of Education by permanent and replacing teachers of the primary and secondary education, pupils, students, parents and worker organisations. The protesters were gathered outside the ministry and went on and demonstrated in its yard.

The teachers demand all vacancies in the schools covered and for the permanent employment of the 25.000 teachers who have to travel to every corner of the country in order to cover the needs of the schools, as well as their gaining full labour rights, health insurance and same wages as the teachers, that are permantly employeed in the greek schools. The teachers stress that no colleague should be driven to unemployment, as the ministry is planning; on the contrary, more teachers need to get hired.

From the rally held, the members of PAME called for continuity of the struggle in the schools, along with the parents, the pupils and the rest of the worker movement, following up with the strike on the 14th of November. Meanwhile, they condemned the outlook of the leading members in the ministry and the government of SYRIZA, who follow the directions of the EU and the OECD to the tee.

Pupils and students highlighted that they will continue struggling „for schools that educate and don’t eliminate. We are returning them the bill as it is, because it degenerates an already exhausting school system.”

“We continue our struggle, more feircly and dedicated!”

The massive demonstration that took place on the 9th of  November, 2018 was the 4th mass protest since the beginning of the current school year, which started in September 2018.

FISE supports the requests of the teachers, pupils and students and workers and stands always by their side.