Greece: Protests of Teachers-Students-Parents for Health and Safety Measures in Schools

Protests of Teachers-Students-Parents for Health and Safety Measures in Schools

Teachers, parents and students held militant protests in Athens and many other cities on Tuesday, August 25 demanding that effective measures be taken to protect the health of students and teachers, so that the necessary opening of schools in September is safe.

Main demands are

  • School repairs so as to provide suitable spaces, to ensure the necessary distances in each class and the decisive reduction of the number of students per class, so that no department has more than 15 students. Immediate utilization of schools that closed in previous years and other state infrastructure, or even private, which meet the requirements. Immediate central national planning for new school buildings that will cover the needs for school housing.
  • Extraordinary funding from the state budget, in order to hire the necessary number of teachers, which satisfies the above condition for more departments with fewer students.
  • Support measures for colleagues working away from their place of permanent residence (housing, feeding, relocation). All teachers and support staff working in recent years in education must be given permanent contracts.
  • Ensuring the necessary number of permanent employees in the cleanliness of the schools, in order to ensure the sanitary conditions throughout the operation of the school.
  • Ensuring the necessary number of buses and school traffic wardens, in order to ensure the safe passage of each student to and from school, without the need for the accompaniment of a relative.
  • Protection of teachers belonging to vulnerable groups.
  • Providing funds to the school committees for the supply of the necessary material (Personal Protective Equipment, cleaning items, antiseptics, etc.)
  • Immediate resumption of the school meal program.
  • Carry out massive repeated tests on all colleagues and students, so that there is immediate intervention in case of need and to control the spread of the virus.
  • Establishment of a School Medical Service that will be responsible for controlling the operation of schools etc
  • No cameras in schools and banning of online transmission of lessons.



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