Greece – New Massive Demonstrations in Solidarity with Palestine

On October 19 massive new demonstrations took place in many cities of Greece in solidarity with Palestine.

In Thessaloniki the 2nd largest city of Greece thousands took to the streets and demonstrated against imperialism, for Free Palestine


Militant demonstrations took place also in Corfu, Lesvos, Kalamata, Zakinthos, etc





At the same time PAME held a protest at the Security Ministry denouncing the unprovoked attack of the police against the peaceful demonstration in solidarity with Palestine on October 18 in Athens.


On Wednesday, October 25, thousands of people flooded the streets of the city of Elefsina, near Athens to protest against the use of the local Military Base by the US Air Force, in support of Israel.

Before the big demonstration began, cadres of the class unions of Athens made a symbolic march to the entrance of Elefsina Military Base chanting FREE PALESTINE. The unionists also wrote in front of the base “Elefsina must not become a base for the imperialists – Freedom for Palestine”, and lit up flares.




The city of Elefsina flooded with demonstrators in the biggest rally the city ever saw. The people created a massive river that filled the streets of the city with slogans and songs in solidarity with Palestine demanding to Stop all support to Israel.

The demonstrators marched to the City Council, which in the presence of thousands declared that:

“Our city cannot be an airbase for murderous war plans, nor a target for retaliation. The bloody business of economic interests and their competitions for the sharing of the pie have nothing to do with the interests and needs of our people.

Instead of implementing the decision of the Greek parliament to recognize the Palestinian State, which is the only peaceful way out, the Greek government is assuming very heavy responsibilities by participating even more actively in the massacre of the peoples of the Middle East.

The city council of Elefsina expresses its categorical opposition to the decision of the government to cede the military airport of Elefsina to the needs of the Americans and NATO, involving the country in the carnage and our people in new dangers.”

At the same time the class unions called Sunday, November 5 as a day of massive protest in Athens in solidarity with Palestine and new daily actions and initiatives to support the Palestinian people.



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