General Secretariat of the General Union of Palestineen Workers mourns great trade union leader Khalid Abdul Ghani Khreisheh

Ramallah: General Secretariat of the General Union of Palestinian mourrse Workers great trade union leader Khaled Abdul Ghani Khreisheh, former Deputy Secretary General of the General Union of Palestinian Workers and a member of the Palestinian National Council, who passed away on Friday in his hometown of Tulkarm.
And praised the General Secretariat late, great fighter Khaled Abdul Ghani, who has been associated with workers labor issues since the beginning of his youth through his membership in I C A T U of Palestine workers and its membership in the workers Union of Arab workers, where weaving relationships union trade union in the Arab world and in the world and has always been a fighter labor towards the working class and the struggles within the framework of the National Movement for the completion of the national rights of our people and building the foundations of the rights and freedoms and social justice.
The secretary general of the General Union Haidar Ibrahim’s departure of the union leader Khalid Abdul Ghani is a great loss to the movement of labor and trade union Palestinian and a departure personal loss for each of the known and worked with him from the union Palestinians and Arabs as engaged our friends die big in union work for more than forty years during which the title prominent addresses the General Union of PalestineWorkers and national struggles and union.
And the General of Union of Palestine workers announ for the opening of the house of mourning at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of beer – or Sharayet on Monday corresponding .11/3/20123. . Between the fourth and eight in the evening.