France: strike against the austerity measures


A whole region of France was massively on strike against the austerity measures  on November 20th of 2014. The whole educational system of the most poor part of France organised a strike against the recent austerity measures of the social democratic government.
The strike was organised in Seine-Saint-Denis, which is an administratively divised part of France, north of Paris and is inhabited by 1.5 people. That region hosts the largest percentage of immigrants and Muslims of the country.
The educational system of the region is facing serious problems, like under-financed schools, underpaid work, teachers without former professional experience, overcrowded classrooms. Many families live in extreme poverty, some of them sleep in their cars instead of homes and the teachers face difficulties keeping the students in the classroom.
The students, the families and the teachers of the area, which hosted spectacular rebellions of the youth in 2005 demand from the government an action plan to face the crisis of the educational system of their region.