Four million refugee children out of school



Four million refugee children out of school

The UN figures on the education of refugee children are disturbing. The UN report states:

Four million refugee children around the world do not attend school, according to a report by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees published yesterday. Among other things, it is noted that by the end of 2017, there were more than 25.4 million refugees around the world, more than half of them were children and 7.4 million among them at school age.

Only the 61% of refugee children attend primary education, while the proportion of children worldwide is 92%. As they grow older, this gap is widening even more and nearly two-thirds of refugee children attending primary education fail to continue at secondary level. Altogether, 23% of refugee children attend secondary education, while the respective percentage for the other children worldwide is 84%.

In tertiary education, the gap is even higher, with only 1% of refugees having the opportunity to reach this level, where the global percentage of participation is 37%.

The UN report records the disastrous results of the imperialist wars and the impact on the future of millions of children. FISE calls the trade union organizations of teachers around the world to strengthen the struggles against the imperialist wars. To teach to the young people the truth about the competitions of the monopolies and the multinationals that lead to impoverishment, refugees, death of millions of people. To denounce the governments of the countries that in any way support or facilitate the imperialist plans.

The tears and the statements of sympathy for the tragedy of the refugees by the governments of the countries of the European Union are only to cover their filthy role in the ongoing war situation in Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere.

The struggle of all of us for peace must begin with the condemnation of the causes of the war and the governments that agree with them.

The World Federation of Teachers Unions, an affiliated member of the WFTU.