FNE on the situation in Sudan

The situation in Sudan entered a dangerous turning point since the dawn of this day, April 15, with the outbreak of an armed conflict between the two poles of current power, represented by the heads of the army and the Forces of fast intervention. The armed conflict is the culmination of a process of open and hidden conflict supported by the local classes and the most reactionary political circles linked to comprador and corrupt regional alliances. Despite the awakening of the Sudanese people and their revolutionary forces with the ability to continue on the ground and formulate positions and visions most loyal to the revolution, the dominance of the counter-revolutionary camp, led by the military establishment, which was the tool of Al-Bashir and all the reactionary regimes that preceded him, still deprives the revolution of progress and the people of liberation, democracy and the building of a civil state. Only secularism is capable of uniting Sudan and its multiple components. The undersigned parties and organizations which follow with great concern the developments in Sudan:
– condemn this violent and terrorist turn in which the Sudanese people have no interest, and call for an immediate end to the sound of bullets, the return of the army to its barracks and the disbandment of all militias, including gangs Janjaweed called Rapid Response Forces. His hands are stained with the blood of helpless and innocent people, especially in the Darfur region.
– Affirm their sympathy and their principled and unconditional support to the brotherly Sudanese people in this difficult circumstance, renewing their conviction of the capacity of this great people to miss the opportunity for their enemies who want to punish them for their glorious revolution.
– Renew their support for the revolutionary forces in Sudan, led by the Sudanese Communist Party, which has remained an authentic expression of the coherent revolutionary position and whose developments, including the armed conflict, have confirmed the correctness of its positions.
– Call on all progressive forces in the region and the world to strengthen support for the Sudanese people and their revolution, and to confront all forms of regional and international interference in order to interrupt the revolutionary process and slow it down, as happened with the rest of the Arab revolutions, in order to perpetuate control over the region and its capabilities.