FISE with the Greeks teachers against the program «teachers4europe»



The secretary of FISE expresses its opposition to the educational program of the E.U., which takes place in Greece, entitled “teachers for Europe”. The main purpose of this program is the submission of the teachers to the policies of the E.U. and to the service of the interests of the multinational companies and of the monopolies. Through these programs, they attempt to corrupt the conscience of young students and to promote the image of the school-company, of the student-client and of the commercialized education.    


Τhe directives of the E.U. and of the I.M.F. are clear and they demand the dismissal of thousands of teachers, the abolition of schools, the salary, pension and medical care reduction. They, also, demand the abolition of all the rights of the working class and of the popular families.


FISE supports the demands of the teachers affiliated in PAME. It supports the Greek parents, as well as all those who fight for free public education, that will be able to meet the educational needs of our class.