FISE – Solidarity Message to teachers of Morocco

Solidarity Message to Teachers of Morocco



The World Federation of Teachers Unions FISE, a member of the WFTU, denounces the blatant violations of teachers’ rights and the violence against them by the Government of Morocco.

For having organised demonstrations in favour of a reform of their professional status in the streets of Rabat, described by the government as “unauthorized assemblies” and “violations of the state of health emergency”, 70 contractual Moroccan teachers were arrested and prosecuted by the Court of Justice of Rabat (60 by the court of first instance and 10 by the court of second instance). 44 teachers of them were sentenced to 2 months suspended prison sentence and a young teacher was judged to 3 months in prison for “contempt of a constituted body” because she dared to denounce sexual harassment by the security forces during a demonstration by contractual teachers.

FISE denounces the condemnation of these teachers.

FISE supports the ongoing struggles of teachers and teachers’ unions against the bans of the Moroccan government and defends their just demands. 115 thousand teachers and 4000 pedagogical administration and social assistants were hired in Morocco from 2016 to 2021 within the regional academies and they claim the status of civil servants in their own right from the Ministry of National Education of Preschool and Sport and demand to put an end to precarious employment conditions.

We stand alongside teachers and their fight against the violation of trade union freedoms, against the mistreatment of women and all vulnerable groups. We support the fight for the rights of teachers and all workers.