FISE expresses its solidarity with the workers of Air France


FISE expresses its solidarity with the workers of Air France 

5fca003b05fbc5acb2b60191838262b3The World Federation of Trade Unions of Teachers FISE, which is member of the WFTU expresses its solidarity with the workers of AIR Frances and with the teachers – students of Denmark.

Dear fellow militants, the dismissals, the cuts in education, the removal of labor rights, are measures imposed by the monopolies and multinationals in order to save their profits and consolidate their power. The EU, the governments of European countries are working hard, making negotiations to make laws, to impose antipopular measures to enable the capital to ensure profits.

It is necessary to strengthen our relations, the relations between trade unions that struggle to defend the rights of the working class and to organize militant mobilizations. The dismissals in AIR Frances, the cuts in education prepared by the Danish government attack all workers; attack the education and the right to life of young people in Denmark and of all the popular strata.

FISE calls upon the trade unions of teachers to express their solidarity with the workers, teachers and students who are organizing a major demonstration on October 29, 2015 in the two largest cities in Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus, against the dismissals and the cuts in education. FISE also call them to take initiatives in schools, universities, professional schools, to make known to the new students that unemployment, mass dismissals are elements inherent to the capitalist system and can be overthrown through the organized struggle

Good luck in your struggles

The Secretariat