FISE expresses its solidarity with the teachers of Uttarakhand

FISE expresses its solidarity with the teachers of Uttarakhand.                     01/08/2014

india UttarakhandSince Monday, 28th of July 2014, there has been on progress the protest of 240 teachers at polytechnic institutes of Dehradun in India. Demanding the renewal of their work contracts, the raise of their salaries at 35.000rs, the establishment of vacancies, of the maternity leave for their pregnant colleagues, as well as a surety amount equal to a year’s salary, five teachers went on hunger strike and the teachers’ unions of Uttarakhand state proclaimed a strike, which is to last until Friday, 1st of August. On the other side,  principals of the over 60 polytechnic institutes of the state threaten with redundancy, in case the teachers keep up their strike.
FISE expresses its solidarity with the teachers of Uttarakhand.
We support the polytechnic schools  teachers’ fair struggle for the claim of their rights. Especially, we emphasize the importance of the demands related to women and maternity.
We condemn the position of the Indian government, that, in collaboration with the principals of the schools blackmail the teachers and block their struggle.
We invite the teachers’ unions from all over the world to take a stand and send their messages of solidarity to the 240 teachers on strike, to point up women’s problems, as well as the demands related to the maternity, to condemn all those who  try to repress the struggle of teachers in Uttarakhand of India.