FISE defends women’s rights



FISE defends women’s rights.

The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, an affiliated member of the WFTU, opposes the court decision of the US Supreme Court on abortions.

This court decision brings us memories from the obscurantism of Middle Ages. It also reminds us that reaction and obscurantism are the natural evolution of a system based on injustice and exploitation. A system that trying to preserve the profitability of the few will nurture and cultivate the most reactionary and backward ideas, dragging society backwards.

Nowadays, inconceivable wealth is produced, science makes great strides and can solve huge problems of society, there is a possibility for humanity to live peacefully and prosperously.

On the contrary, however, we are experiencing the escalation of authoritarianism, repression, reactivation, so that the few can make a fortune from the work and exploitation of the many.

The deprivation of women’s rights, today in America, tomorrow, elsewhere, is included in the fascist and anachronistic decisions that aim to crush the freedom, progress, free and equal access and use of modern science and technology to all, especially women.

The right of women to abortion was won through great working and social struggles for equality and women’s rights.

We will not go back to the Middle Ages!

We defend the self-evident rights of women!

FISE calls on the teachers’ unions to continue the fight for the rights of women and the entire working class!