FISE condemns the abductions of female students in Nigeria

nigeria girls

 7th of May 2014

The teachers’ unions affiliated to FISE must condemn the abductions of female students by the extreme Islamic organization “Boko Haram”.

The extreme Islamic organization  “Boko Haram” (which means “western education is forbidden”), seeks the violent imposition of the Islamic law in Nigeria and has taken full responsibility of the massive abduction of about 300 female high school students.

The recent abductions started a day after the fatal bombing of the same organization in a bus station of the capital Abuja, in the afternoon of May Day, with dozens of young workers who were waiting for the means of public transport to go to work as victims. Several such attacks have taken place lately.
The Islamists launch ruthlessly a series of attacks with the most vulnerable (in a financial and class-oriented short of way) groups of the Nigerian people, such as the workers, the immigrants and the students.
The abduction of the girls who are a part of this particular type of education is an effort of violation of the rights and freedoms not only of women, but of the Nigerian people as a whole.
We invite the teachers’ unions affiliated to FISE to release resolutions of condemnation about the abductions of the girls and to demand their immediate liberation.
The Nigerian government is responsible for the religious fanaticism growing in the country . Equally responsible are the imperial forces that are fed by the blood and sweat of the poor and dominated by their strategies people.
We invite the teachers to take position spreading the scientific truth, to continue teaching the respect to every religion without fanaticism and hate.
The education must serve the evolution of man as well as the current needs of the working class and the grass roots.
The education should liberate the young generation and inspire it to fight for the abolition of all kinds of slavery and exploitation.

The Secretary