February 15: A river of strikes took place in Schools all over Greece

February 15 Big Strike of Teachers

On Wednesday, a river of strikes in Schools all over Greece took place With a river of strikes in Schools all over Greece, with rallies in all big cities and a huge demonstration that flooded the centre of Athens.

The teachers, with the support of their students send the message that they are not going to bow their heads, and accept the degrading of public schools and public education.

PAME saluted the tens of thousands of striking teachers, who literally flooded the streets all over the country, in meetings and rallies full of pulse and militancy, noting that “the great participation in the strike, in percentages reached the participation of the great strike of October 2021, and confirms the rightness of their struggle, the need to continue, until the end, the struggle against the categorised school that all governments have been trying for 40 years to bring together and alternate, based on the EU and OECD guidelines. It has been proven in practice that teachers are not alone! They had on their side parents, our students, artists, hundreds of unions. Today the many have spoken!

Video https://youtu.be/VA_-rcLwGxk

Photos https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAscyi