European Union promotes the unpaid labor.


European Union promotes the unpaid labor.

FISE denounces the efforts of french and greek governments that are trying by unpaid work to solve the problems of shortages of teachers from schools in their countries. These efforts are based on EU directives and it is certain that if not reversed, will soon be applied to other countries.
Food coupons are  proposed  by the French government as  solution for new teachers of primary schools in the Paris region, which have not been paid since the beginning of the year.
Specifically, newly appointed  teachers in primary schools in the center, suburbs and outskirts  of Paris work without being paid in the last 11 months. Furthermore, because of recent changes in the country’s education system, teachers who attend seminars and training programs in order to monitor the developments, are  obliged to pay from their own pockets. The French bourgeois state, in other words “rockets” the concept of unpaid labor,  practically forcing  employees to “pay in order  to work.”
Teachers complain that they can not meet their obligations, and the vast majority have no other income other than these  wages. Meanwhile the competent bodies, in response to a show of protest by teachers, which took place last Tuesday 4/11,  proposed either to get a loan or accept food coupons to meet their needs.

Humiliating  proposals!

Needless to say that this proposal  not only  does not solve  the problem of unpaid teachers, but also offends  their  dignity since   requires from the teachers  to exercise their functions “for a plate of food,” or earning 10 points (in Greece ) to find work sooner than others. Of course it is impossible to meet their basic needs.

It should be noted that this is happening in France, a countryof  developed industry, and  is considered one of the biggest capitalist economies of Europe. In this country have not been applied memorandums nor have occurred any  monitorings from  the Troika.
While  Greece is a  country with huge potential for exploitation of sources of wealth for the needs of the population, the wealth produced is available exclusively for salvation of capital firms. Guided by its commitments to the EU, troika and memoranda volunteers are being used , ie unpaid teachers in schools.

It is obvious that the problems of the working class, are created by the capitalist system, which by definition is unfair, exploitative and sets the focus on the profit, rather than on the educational satisfaction of the children of the poor and working classes.
FISE  invites all unions with class orientation and teachers also  to strive to ensure that all countries:
Make massive permanent appointments for teachers to meet all needs.
Give all the  necessary funding for education .

The Secretariat