European Trade Union Confederation = European Confederation of Support to the Capitalists

The European Trade Union Confederation-ETUC, the European Commission’s mechanism to control the trade unions, has once again proved its dirty role.

In a joint statement with the European Commission and employers’ unions of Europe, they call on workers to support the …multinationals!

At the same time that thousands of workers on the eve of the epidemic are fired, put on unpaid leaves, or forced to work to death for industrial profits, the ETUC talks about “ensuring credit access and financial support for enterprises”.

Coronavirus is dangerous and protective measures are required.

But the lives of the workers are at risk both from the Coronavirus and from starvation, dismissal, or work exhaustion.

The European Trade Union Confederation is not a workers’ organization. It is a European Confederation Support to the Capitalists of Europe.

Now we must strengthen the fight for measures to protect the health, life and rights of the working class!