ETUC Congress: European Elections Show, For Juncker-SocialDemocrats-Employers

ETUC Congress: European Elections Show

For Juncker-SocialDemocrats-Employers

A few days before the European elections, the “Congress” of the European Trade Union Confederation was launched in Vienna, Austria.

The ETUC, which is funded about 75% by the EU’s mechanisms in order to intervene in Europe’s trade union movement and promote EU’s anti-workers’ policies, organized a great pre-election show for the European Social Democracy and the EU, which it named “Congress”.

This show started with European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker, whom the Secretary-General of the ETUC personally thanked for “rescuing social Europe”.22.5.19 Congreso de CES Un evento preelectoral para el Juncker, Socialdemócatas,Empleadores

European Commission’s Love for ETUC cannot be hidden:European Commission’s President Juncker and ETUC’s President Rudy De Leeuw in ETUC’s Congress

Also took the floor various representatives of the European Social Democracy, such as Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen and Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa, Austrian Socialist Party chairwoman Pamela Rendi-Wagner, Portuguese socialist party MEP Maria João Rodrigues, as well as SYRIZA’s German brother party, DIE LINKE MEP, Thomas Händel, using the mechanism of the ETUC to portray themselves as pro-workers, those who have destroyed the lives of European workers and along with the USA and NATO they slaughter peoples.

European Commission’s President Juncker in ETUC’s Congress

This show was not spoiled even by the speech of Europe’s employers’ representative, of BusinessEurope, since he thanked the ETUC for its services in promoting social dialogue and class collaboration, ie disarming workers for employers’ profits.

ETUC Congress: European Elections Show: European Commission’s President Juncker and ETUC’s GS Luca Visentini in ETUC’s Congress

 What we can say with certainty that no one saw at the ETUC Congress, was… workers.

 Athens, May 22 2019

22.5.19 ETUC Congress European Elections Show For Juncker-Social Democrats-Employers