The historical antecedent PDECEM, construction, resistance and challenges

The historical antecedent PDECEM, construction, resistance and challenges.

“Would indeed be a naive approach, wait for the ruling classes to develop a form of education that allowed the dominated class perceived social injustices in critically”. Paulo Freire.

Democratic education and culture for the State of Michoacan program arises from the need for education workers to make us of our field of work, which we refer to the Trade Union political project, which is part of the third task, in the construction of an alternative education project. Continue reading

Solidarity with the teachers’ strike in Portugal

The World Federation of Trade Unions on behalf of its 92 million workers, and FISE, the World Federation of Teachers’ Union welcomes the teachers’ strike in Portugal.

The Portuguese teachers are on a 4-days-strike against the wage freeze which is implemented in Portugal for many years now. The strike started yesterday in Lisbon and will be concluded on Saturday with the strike of teachers in Northern Portugal. The ending of the strike will coincide with the public sector employees strike in Lisbon.

The class oriented trade union movement is in solidarity and supports the struggle of Portuguese teachers and demand the immediate ending of the wage freezing.

The Secretariat

There is no common interest in the women of the bourgeois and the women of the working class. Long live the March 8th

There is no common interest in the women of the bourgeois and the women of the working class

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions FISE sends warm militant greetings, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day to the women working in education,  unemployed teachers women, women pensioners,  to the young mothers, to the young women in university and school. It particularly salutes women refugees and immigrants

Labor exploitation, employers’ terrorism and the dismissals of women, the abuse of women, are clear signs of the rotten system of capitalism, whose base is the exploitation.

The rights of women gained in the past through decades of class-oriented struggles are being abolished rapidly.

Racial and class discriminations continue to exist in all aspects of economic, social, cultural life of women, since they are the source of additional profit for capital.

They are being used by bourgeois governments globally for the competitiveness of monopolies. The standard of living of women in the working class is continuously aggravated.

For us, the problem of women inequality is first and foremost a class issue. The bourgeois parties – social democratic and liberal – and the compromised trade unions are using the racial discriminations to hide the fact that women inequality is a class issue. There are no common interests between the women of the bourgeois and the women of the proletariat, and there can be no solidarity between women that impose oppression and those who are subjected to it. Merkel does not have the same interests or the same problems as any German working woman. Racial oppression is the consequence of the class oppression and of the corresponding division of labor. Therefore, the emancipation of women can only be achieved when the whole working class will be emancipated.

Let me remind you that the October Revolution, by abolishing the classes, abolished at the same time and the women inequality by giving her the privileges she is entitled to. Stable work with rights, social security, health, full maternity support and education. All these remain unresolved nowadays; all these are the issues that the class-oriented trade unions and the World Federation of Trade Unions are fighting for.

We struggle against  the governments that support class exploitation. Our goal is the largest organization of women of our class in the class-oriented trade unions. Our aim is to strengthen the struggles for rights at work, social security, maternity protection. For a life without poverty, unemployment, wars, refugees.

FISE fights for the abolition of the class women inequality.
Both in teachers and in education. It is tragic in 2018, to exist girls, women who are excluded from education just because they are female.

employees in education Women and men together in the struggle against the exploitation.

Long live the March 8th

Children in Pakistan are not only denied their Basic Right to a life of Dignity, but are also denied their most Fundamental Right- the Right to Education

Children in Pakistan are not only denied their Basic Right to a life of Dignity, but are also denied their most Fundamental Right- the Right to Education
·         Children in Pakistan are not only denied their Basic Right to a life of Dignity, but are also denied their most Fundamental Right- the Right to Education
While addressing the National Seminar organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General said  that  Children in Pakistan are not only denied their basic right to a life of Dignity, but are also denied their most Fundamental Right- the Right to Education.  He said that The official figure of out of school Children paints a gloomy picture, calling out for emergency measures. According to data from the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training , as many as 44 percent of Children between the ages of five and 16 are out of school. Of these, the Majority are Girls as the family deems Girls’ Education a waste of money and a burden on the already precarious Financial condition. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Pakistan has remained off-track on various Millennium Development Goal indicators, including those related to Education, Maternal Health and infant Mortality Mrs. Atia Saleem Chairperson (PLF) said that Since the 18th Amendment of the Constitution, Child Protection has become the sole purview of the Provinces. The Provincial Governments have failed to enact Provincial Laws to ensure the protection of Children however, exacerbating the state of Children in the country. She said that we would like to draw the UN Human Rights Council’s attention to the rise in Violence against Children in Pakistan.  Mrs. Shumalia Sadiq Secretary Women Wing (PLF) said that The Realization of Children’s Rights Index has ranked Pakistan as 159 out of 196 countries in the world in terms of Child Mortality, Health and Education facilities, and protection of Child Rights. In terms of health, many Pakistani Children do not live to see their fifth birthday.  She said  According to UNICEF, Pakistan tops the list in Child Mortality rate among South Asian countries. Pakistan loses 90, 000 Children at the age of 5 to pneumonia annually.  Whaheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor (PLF) said that Pakistan remains in the third spot with its prevalence of Child and Forced Labour. Child labour continues unabated in the country, due to conflicting Laws and lack of political will. He said that  Pakistan was ranked third on the Global Slavery Index 2016, for the second time in a row, with an estimated 2,134,900 people trapped in slavery. Meanwhile, although the International Labour Organization reports a decline throughout the world in the number of underage workers. Rana Muhammad Akram Dy Secretary General (PLF)  said that  Pakistan has no comprehensive Child Labour Law, but the Constitution under articles 3, 11(3), 25(3) and 35 prohibits employment of underage children, while stipulating that the rights of the Child shall be protected by the state. Further, Article 37(e) stipulates that the state shall “make provision for securing just and humane conditions of work, ensuring that Children and women are not employed in vocations unsuited to their age or sex”. Ch Bilal Akbar Khan President (PLF) Punjab said that  Pakistan has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, but has not enacted any enabling Legislation since then, to make its provisions into domestic Law. For this reason, the Convention cannot be directly applied in the courts. Mr Aziz ullha Khan President (PLF) Baluchistan said that s to ensure that Child Rights are appropriately integrated, consistently interpreted and applied in all Legislative, administrative and judicial proceedings and decisions, and in all policies, programmes and projects that are relevant to, and have an impact on, Children. Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Vice Chairman (PLF) said that to  Ensure that provincial Governments establish a Child Safety Cell in every district. There is a dire need for a Provincial Action Plan to protect Children from torture, abuse and violence. The provinces should also set up an effective awareness campaign for the protection of Children, and introduce new Legislation to protect Children and other vulnerable groups He demanded to Formulate policies and Laws to Eliminate Child Labour, and take cohesive and concrete steps to work towards ending Poverty. The state must realize that Child Labour and Poverty are inevitably bound together. If children continue to be used as a treatment for the social disease of poverty, the country will not be able to eradicate either poverty or Child Labour. The state must also ensure that while eliminating Child Labour from the export industry, it must also eliminate it from the informal sector, which, being invisible to public scrutiny, leaves the Children more open to abuse and exploitation
 (Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General
Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)
Affiliated with
World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
International Confederation of Labour Movement (ICLM)