CG Government’s brutality on teachers


The Para Teachers of CHHATTISGARH launched strike against the Raman Govt.’s suppression. The movement is for the rights of ours. More than 125 thousands Para Teachers have reached Raipur, the capital of C.G. Raman Singh ordered forces to arrest our revolutionary cadres and the CG police has turned itself into tyranny Nazis. It is the time to protest this dictator, anti democratic Raman alias so called BJP govt. I salute our struggling teachers for their bravery and call all of you to make support for justice.

Red Salute

Dr.Patro L.B.


Honorary Teachers Federation Of India

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Education Votes: DEFEAT THE TAX BILL


The Senate GOP leadership is rushing their tax bill to a vote as early as tomorrow and we need your help to stop it!

Let’s be clear – this bill is nothing more than a massive tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporate special interests and does nothing to help middle-class families and our communities. It eliminates the state and local tax deduction, which could cut education funding by $370 billion over the next 10 years, and put as many as 370,000 educator jobs at risk. It even includes a provision that will cut Medicaid and take insurance away from millions of people.

Bottom line: the GOP tax plan is a bad deal. It raises taxes on millions of middle class and working families to pay for tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy.

We cannot let this happen. Contact your Senators, and tell them the middle class shouldn’t have to pay more so the rich can get even richer!

We have to fight for our students. This plan risks cuts to public school funding, educator job losses, and overcrowded classrooms that deprive students of one-on-one attention.

Stand up for students. Call your Senators now and ask them to stand up for education by opposing the Republican tax plan.

Please act now,
Marc Egan
Director of Government Relations, NEA

OPEN CONTEST: Write about the WFTU!

On the occasion of the preparation of events and activities for the completion of 75 years of life and action of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), the Secretariat is announcing the opening of an open essay writing contest on topics:

1. The WFTU Internationalism in Asia and the Pacific (in English)

2. The WFTU Internationalism in Central America (in Spanish)

3. The WFTU Internationalism in Latin America (In Spanish)

4. The WFTU Internationalism among the Arab workers ( in English or Arabic)

5. The WFTU Internationalism among the Balkan Countries workers (in English)

6. The WFTU Internationalism among the peoples of Africa ( in English or French)

Terms of the Contest

A. The essays must have a length of 50 – 80 typed pages. They must cover the period from 1945 until today or at least one decade of action.

B. They should be sent through email to the Central Offices of the WFTU until 31st December of 2018.

C. The author must come from the region for which he/she writes about.

D. Either one individual or a group of persons can be the author(s) of the essay.

E. All data included in the project must be based on documents, official papers, photos, spoken testimonies. All documents must be cited with precision.


– The essays will be assessed by a Committee appointed by the Presidential Council of WFTU and the results will be announced publicly.

– Each region will receive three prizes, the first, second and third prize. The first prize will be offered one week of accommodation in Athens with all costs covered by the WFTU, the second will be offered 4 days of accommodation and the third 2 days.

– The essays that will receive the first prize will be published in a special edition and used as teaching material during trade union training seminars.

For any clarification or help please contact the Central Offices. Communication responsible: Maria Barouti at the email address:

The existing WFTU archive located at WFTU Central Offices in Athens can be utilized.

The Secretariat

International Solidarity Day with the People of Palestine

On the occasion of the International Solidarity Day with the people of Palestine the WFTU expresses its long lasting solidarity with the Palestinian People. On this symbolic day we call upon the WFTU affiliates and friends, all militant trade unions of the world, in every country to express solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people against the barbarity of Israeli occupation and hold actions of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The UN, EU and other international organizations have great responsibility for the continuing unacceptable situation; in words they pretend to be fair but in practice they support the Israeli policy.

The WFTU expresses its full, stable and long-lasting class solidarity with the people of Palestine and their struggle for an independent homeland. We actively reject the genocide against our Palestinian brothers and sisters perpetrated by the imperialist criminal government of Israel.

We demand:

  • Recognition of the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders and east Jerusalem as its capital
  • The end of the settlements and the withdrawal of all settlers who have settled across the borders of 1967.
  • The demolition of the separation wall in Jerusalem.
  • All the Palestinian refugees to be granted the right to return to their homes, based on the relevant decisions of the UN
  • The elimination of any exclusion against the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.
  • The immediate release of imprisoned Palestinians and other political prisoners kept in the Israeli prisons.
  • The withdrawal of the Israeli army from all the occupied territories of the 1967, including the Golan Heights and the Sheba area of Southern Lebanon


In today’s conditions the workers of Palestine have to strengthen the comradely relations with WFTU, which stands on the side of Palestinian People from 1945 until today. It is necessary to dismiss from the trade unions the corrupted trade-unionists leaders who are puppets of yellow trade unionism;corrupted trade-unionist leaders who steal the sweat of the Palestinian workers.

The World Federation of trade Unions was and will be on the side of Palestinian people until the final victory. The internationalism of WFTU is not for sale neither is bought.

Long live the struggle of Palestinian People!

The Secretariat

CTSU: Solidarity message on Yemen teachers strike

Dear comrades,
The Ceylon Teachers Service Union which is affiliated to FISE extends its solidarity with militant greetings and urge the government of Yeman to solve the wages problem as soon as possible without trying to subotage their struggle by using volunteers.
It’s a common strategy of the capitalist governments to crush the struggles by using various strategies i.e. volunteers,army personnels etc. Likewise the Yeman government is ready to use volunteers instead of teachers. We vehemently condemn it and also we think it’s an utter familiar because teaching the students is not just an easy task.
We know all over the world working class as well as teachers face lots of problems especially the wages problems. But the rulers have failed to solve them. Therefore we have to resort to the trade union actions. The rulers should resolve the problems without subotaging the trade union actions. Hence we urge the Yeman government again and again to solve the wages problems of their teachers without failure.
With militant greetings
Mahinda Jayasinghe
General Secretary of CTSU.

Solidarity with the teachers in YEMEN


Solidarity with the teachers in YEMEN

More than 160,000 teachers in Yemen are on strike demanding payment of their wages that have not been received since October 2016.  In some areas, the participation rate exceeds 90% with demands for payment of the accrued wages but also the increase of their so low wages.

At the same time, the civil servants of the country remain without receiving their salaries.

To teacher’s just demands, the Government responds with strikebreaker’s mechanism, requesting non-skilled volunteers to replace teachers on strike.

Teachers’ strike is a direct result of the violent invasion of Saudi Arabia in Yemen over the past two years. Conflicts do not show any signs of recession, while the humanitarian disaster is about to become the worst famine in the world.

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, FISE, member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, WFTU, is supporting the strike of teachers in Yemen, as well as the mobilization of students and civil servants.

FISE is denouncing the Government for not paying the salaries of the teachers, but also for its attempt to break the strike by hiring «volunteers».

At the same time, FISE, calls on teachers’ unions to express their solidarity with the strikers, teachers of Yemen, and send messages to the following emails: /


Solidarity with the workers of Iran


 Solidarity with the workers of Iran

   World Federation of Teachers’ Unions  FISE, affiliated to WFTU  expresses the condolences to the Iranian workers and trade unions for the victims of the deadly earthquake of the previous hours.

Dear colleagues, we are sad to watch the news about the hundreds dead and the thousands injured in the earthquake in Sarpol-e-Zahab. In these difficult times our thoughts are with you.

FISE express our solidarity and sympathy with the Iranian workers, Iranian teachers  and trade unions.

 November 13 2017