Solidarity to Arizona teachers


 Solidarity  to Arizona teachers

The World Federation of Teachers Union FISE, member of the WFTU, sends a message of solidarity to Arizona’s teachers at ESPs, which is led and supported by the Arizona Education Association (AEA) and the Arizona Teachers’ Union (AEU) and struggling to improve the harsh conditions in schools and universities in Arizona.

The downsizing in funding for Arizona’s schools per student have exceeded from 2008 to 2015 the percentage of  36.6%, leading to 48 students per class, schools running only a few days a week for saving with a large shortage of teachers in harsh conditions. Even the courses that are done, take place in rooms without doors, heating, electricity, with broken desks, leaking ceilings. With worn books, that have been published over 25 years ago and exchanged from class to class.

FISE welcomes the decision of Arizona teachers to strengthen the struggles through teachers’ unions and with a united front of teachers, parents and students to demand from the government generous funding.


for the right of all children to public modern education without any fees,

 for the education that the working class needs and which satisfies the rights of teachers.


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The trade union union launches May 1 activities to honor workers

The trade union union launches May 1 activities to honor workers
As part of the activities of the first of May on World Workers ‘Day, the trade union coalition went to the workers’ base and felt the news and conditions of their daily lives. A delegation consisting of the coordinator of the trade union coalition, Arif Hamayel, coordinator of the coalition in Nablus and Ziad Abu Maali, a member of the coalition, And visited its workers in the sectors of education, petrochemicals and food industries. He also handed over certificates of appreciation to all employees of these three institutions. The Coalition Coordinator spoke about the importance of this day’s workers ‘day to defend workers’ rights and duties towards their places of work. He stressed the importance of cooperation and mutual understanding between workers and employers. He also talked about the importance of completing the labor legislation such as the law of guarantee and trade union organization and emphasizing the conditions of occupational safety and health. He spoke about the World Federation of Trade Unions, the leadership of this union and its role in defending the issues of the Palestinian people and workers and its stand against the workers of Palestine against capitalism and imperialism. The right of the Palestinian people that Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinians.

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Solidarity With The Struggle Of Teachers in Argentina


The FISE – World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, affiliated to WFTU expresses its solidarity with University Teaching Strikes which Starts Today April 26, 2018 With Huge Protest To Follow

Teaching staff from 54 national universities and 84 university-preparatory schools, including El Nacional Buenos Aires and Carlos Pellegrini, will be striking this week in order to demand a pay rise of at least 35 percent, while government officials do not seem to be budging from their latest offer of 20 percent. This week, unions are organizing strikes, protests and public classes around the country.

FISE expresses its support and solidarity with CONADU this great mobilization and demands the satisfaction of their fair demands.