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Statement of Refusal to Trump’s Resolution to Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Statement of Refusal to Trump’s Resolution to Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Dear comrades and friends

The WFTU Regional Office in the Middle East and its member organizations in the region condemn the resolution, which was made by the USA President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli’s Capital. This resolution clearly manifests the harsh and unjust world that we are living in today. This resolution shows that the US government does not care at all for international law or UN resolutions regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. This resolution shows the endless support of US government to the occupying Israeli forces that humiliates, imprisons and kills our people in Palestine.

Our people in Palestine have long been the subject of occupation and oppression by the Israeli forces and international community. This resolution of the US government is meaningless and has no power on the ground because of the struggle of our people in Palestine and the support of free people arounf the world.

We support our people in Palestine for their just cause and we call upon all our forces around the world to make stands in front of US embassies around the world and to deliver strong messages condemning the US resolution and calling for the end of Israeli occupation to Palestine, Syrian Golan and Lebanese Shiba’a Farms.

We call for open days of stand with Palestinian people by having publications that expose the Israeli government’s daily plans to expand settlements in occupied Palestine territories.

No to Trump’s Plan to Recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli’s Capital
Long Lives the Palestinian Just Cause

Long Lives International Solidarity

Dr. Adnan Azzouz
Regional Director of WFTU
in the Middle East

Support Campaign for Yemeni Children


Support Campaign for Yemeni Children

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, an affiliated member of WFTU, condemns the ongoing assassinations and blockades imposed by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen.

The war that has broken out as a result of the competition for the crucial geostrategic region with the full support of the US has begun since March 2017 and continues up to date with devastating consequences for the people and especially for Yemeni children.

According to UN figures, it has cost the lives of more than 8,750 people, while the number of the injured reaches the 50,600. Thousands of schools and health centers have been damaged or completely destroyed. Two million children suffer from acute malnutrition and more than 11 million children are in desperate need for humanitarian aid.

It is estimated that every 10 minutes a child dies from diseases that can be avoided, but there are fears that Yemen’s “greatest starvation” of the last decades may occur.

The continuing assassinations and the partial- but equally devastating air, land and maritime embargo imposed on the people of Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its allies- make it even harder to send any humanitarian aid.

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, calls on trade unions around the world to strengthen the anti-imperialist struggle and the struggle against imperialist attacks. Today is Yemen and tomorrow will be other countries of geopolitical and strategic importance.

FISE is urging the World Federation of Trade Unions to embrace the child support campaign in Yemen. It sets Monday, 22nd January 2018 as the day when workers’ unions and teacher unions will submit a resolution of condemnation in the Saudi Arabian embassy or corresponding services in their country.

  • We demand the termination of the murderous attacks
  • Removal of the blockades
  • Peace in both Yemen and surrounding areas


Appeal to all international federations

The trade union coalition condemns the killing of farm laborer Mahmud Za’al ‘Awda from Qusra / Nablus

The trade unions union rejected the categorical boycott of Israel’s organized crime, the latest of which was an attack carried out by a group of Jewish settlers and assaulting Palestinian civilians while they were working in their agricultural lands in the village of Qusra. Before one of the settlers opened fire, The worker was Mahmoud Za’al ‘Ouda, 48, who was killed instantly. The coalition called on all international federations to condemn and reject this incident and all similar incidents, which are the daily attacks on Palestinian workers.

Labor Union – Palestine

Agriculture Syndicate


CG Government’s brutality on teachers


The Para Teachers of CHHATTISGARH launched strike against the Raman Govt.’s suppression. The movement is for the rights of ours. More than 125 thousands Para Teachers have reached Raipur, the capital of C.G. Raman Singh ordered forces to arrest our revolutionary cadres and the CG police has turned itself into tyranny Nazis. It is the time to protest this dictator, anti democratic Raman alias so called BJP govt. I salute our struggling teachers for their bravery and call all of you to make support for justice.

Red Salute

Dr.Patro L.B.


Honorary Teachers Federation Of India

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Education Votes: DEFEAT THE TAX BILL


The Senate GOP leadership is rushing their tax bill to a vote as early as tomorrow and we need your help to stop it!

Let’s be clear – this bill is nothing more than a massive tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporate special interests and does nothing to help middle-class families and our communities. It eliminates the state and local tax deduction, which could cut education funding by $370 billion over the next 10 years, and put as many as 370,000 educator jobs at risk. It even includes a provision that will cut Medicaid and take insurance away from millions of people.

Bottom line: the GOP tax plan is a bad deal. It raises taxes on millions of middle class and working families to pay for tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy.

We cannot let this happen. Contact your Senators, and tell them the middle class shouldn’t have to pay more so the rich can get even richer!

We have to fight for our students. This plan risks cuts to public school funding, educator job losses, and overcrowded classrooms that deprive students of one-on-one attention.

Stand up for students. Call your Senators now and ask them to stand up for education by opposing the Republican tax plan.

Please act now,
Marc Egan
Director of Government Relations, NEA