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To The Trade Unions Of Europe and the World

TO The Trade Unions Of Europe and the World

 We Denounce the Provocative and Dangerous Intervention of ITUC-ETUC In The Internal Affairs of the Greek Trade Union Movement

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Federations and the Regional Trade Unions of Greece that cosign this resolutionand on behalf of the thousands of workers and trade unions from all sectors we send you this message of rage and indignation.

We were surprised to be informed that, in contact with the former GSEE President,the General Secretaries of ITUC and ETUC contacted the Greek authorities asking them to take repressive measures against our trade unions and especially our delegates, who expressed their disagreement with the GSEE leadership, in the Congress of the General Confederation of Workers of Greece.

For months, in Greece, our unions have denounced that the specific majority in theleadership of GSEE, the same leadership that cosigned wage cuts for the workers of Greece and handed over our right to go on strike. We have openly denounced the efforts of the GSEE leadership to accept the presence and involvement of employers inside the trade unions of Greece.

Hereare onlyindicatively some of the examples that the majority of the GSEE leadership attempted to present at the Congress as representatives of workers:

Vice-PresidentandTreasurerof Bank Board of Directors, CEOs and HR Managers from Commercial chains,Shipowners, PresidentsandManagingDirectorsofInsuranceCompanies,the President of the Greek-British Chamber, Presidents and Vice-presidents of Limited Companies and hundreds of managers of Ltds Companies.

Moreover, we have made numerous complaints for election fraud, for presentation of false documents and non-existing unions. In addition we have denounced the mismanagement of millions of euros that led members of the Financial Committee (of GSEE) not to sign and not accept the FinanceReport of the outgoing GSEE leadership

Is also very provocative, the remaining in the leadership of the GSEE of the notorious employer D. Karageorgopoulos, who not only is a President, CEO and shareholder of several companies- and therefore not a worker- but also hehas been denounced for the use of armed henchmen against trade unionists at the Congress of the Federation of Private Employees.

Certainly, the complaints are so many, as well as the irregular and improper procedures used by the former GSEE leadership to remain in power, that there are numerous detailed official complaints and denouncements to both the Athens Bar Association and the Greek Courts.

For this weask:

Under what jurisdiction are ITUC-ETUC involved in the internal processes of the Greek trade union movement?

UnderwhatjurisdictionareITUC-ETUC attacking against Federations and Regional Trade Unions that are represented with 10 members in the Administrative Council of the General Confederation of Greek Workers, 3 members in the Executive Committee, 6 membersin the General Council, 4 members in the Financial Committee and other bodies of trade unions? UnderwhatjurisdictiontheITUC-ETUCareattacking trade unions and trade unionists that defend workers’ trade union rights and answer to the workers who elected them?

UnderwhatjurisdictionITUC-ETUC demand the use of repression mechanisms against the legally elected representatives of the Greek Trade Unions, by the governments that imposed on Greece the memorandums and banned the Collective Bargaining and Workers’ Rights in Strike?

Underwhat jurisdiction do ITUC-ETUC announce that GSEE will hold its Congress on April 4th, when this has not been decided by a collective body of the Greek Trade Union Movement?

The intervention of ITUC-ETUC aims to support employers who want to be elected as workers’ representatives, to support a trade union mafia that is supported by the big business groups and the governments of the memorandums.

WhatWorkers’ TradeUnionsacceptPresidents of Ltd. and Bankers as members? ProbablyforITUC-ETUC it is normal to represent workers, people that have 30,40 or 50 times more the wage of a worker.

The provocative intervention ofITUC-ETUC on the internal affairs of the Greek trade union movement is based only on their aim to maintain in the General Confederation of Greek Workers a leadership with practices of trade union mafia! A leadership that supported the anti-workers’measures and protected the multinationals of Greece against the unions and trade unionists who are really fighting for the interests of the workers. In their blind attempt to attack the militant, real workers’ trade unions in Greece, they did not even keep anypretexts. Continue reading

FISE denounces the entrance of the police in schools of Catalonia

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, denounces the entrance of the police in schools of Catalonia

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, affiliated member to WFTU, the World Federation of Trade Unions, denounces the entrance of the police in schools of Catalonia in search of pro-independence symbology in a clear persecution of freedom of expression.

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, has been informed that on March 22, officers of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonia Autonomous Police) entered in educational centers throughout Catalonia to observe on the spot if there was “political symbology in public areas”, that is some symbols that according to unknown criteria have been removed by the police officers.

On behalf of the FISE Federation we completely reject the invasion of the police at the educational centers and the ideological persecution against the pro-independent teachers, and therefore we demand explanations for this abusive and intimidating practice that coerces teachers and violates the freedom of expression and thought of the faculty of public education in Catalonia.

Before the ideological persecution and the violation of fundamental rights, as World Federation of Teachers Union, we position ourselves next to the teachers of Catalonia and those that want to pressure teachers will find us right opposite them.

On behalf of the FISE we want to end up by saying that we demand that this hunt of witches of the independence movement in Catalonia be stopped and we call the pertinent authorities of the country that these circumstances will not happen again.

Barcelona, March 26, 2019

Message of Solidarity March 8th 2019, International Women’s Day

Message of Solidarity March 8th 2019, International Women’s Day

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Warmest Greetings from WFTU Regional Office in the Middle East!

As you know that all around the world today women are coming together to celebrate International Women’s Day. We all join the women around the world to voice out their demands and fight to achieve better conditions and comfortable life as women. This is a day to draw attention to women’s need for equality.

It was at the 1910 on the event of International Conference in Copenhagen that German leader Clara Zetkin first raised the idea of organizing an International Working Women’s Day to mark the important victories of women workers in the United States and to provide a focus for women around the world to organize public actions to win the right to vote.

As a labour international movement we at WFTU renew our commitment to organize collectively until all women are free from the oppressions and discrimination. In the region of the Middle East, women in particular have suffered tremendous results because of the imperial interventions of USA, EU and the Zionist entity occupations in this strategic area. We are committed to empower women at the areas of conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen and Libya to actively participate in building their societies since they are the caretakers who bravely hold the responsibility of reconstructing their communities and raising the new generations. We are very much confident that International Women’s Day can be an occasion to unite our struggle and make strong links and develop our strong solidarity and unity to overcome the problems which working women are facing. We believe that we will win this unjust system.

WFTU extends solidarity to women around the world and we wish them great success and achievements in this struggle

In solidarity,

WFTU Middle East Regional Office Director

Dr. Adnan Azzouz

WFTU Declaration on the International Working Women’s Day 8 March 2019


World Federation of Teachers’ Unions
affiliated to WFTU

The World Federation of Trade Unions honors the International Working Women’s Day on 8th March 2019, under the slogan:

“The WFTU against all forms of inequality, against all forms of exploitation”.

162 years after the first uprising of women textile workers in 1857 in New York, claiming the increase of their miserable salaries, the reduction of working hours, equality in payment and social rights, the situation for the working, unemployed and young women, is extremely harsh: unemployment, flexible work, lack of free and high quality health services and healthcare for them and for their children, psychological pressure and violence mainly inside but also outside the workplaces.

Poverty, misery, the wars waged for the interests of the big monopolies, have created and continue to create millions of refugees, 50% of whom are women and girls who run the risk of violence, prostitution and abuse, during their travel and upon arrival at the destination countries.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, since its foundation, has been firmly struggling for working women’s equality and for the improvement of their position in all areas of their social life. For one more year, we join our voice with the working women and support their demands:

“-Reclaim our rights! Hit back the capitalist onslaught! Defeat fascist forces!
– Decent work and dignity at work
– Equal pay for equal work 
– Maternity benefit to all 
– Social benefit to all 
– Health and safety at the work places!”

The struggle for the fulfillment of these demands, as well as for the protection against prostitution and human trafficking, are always at the centre of the world class oriented trade union movement.

We always highlight the importance of organization of more and more working women to their trade unions, accordingly to the place and sector they work, the importance of their participation in militant initiatives with a substantial role, with their appointment to the Administrative Boards of their Organizations. Continue reading