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Μeeting between FISE, the teachers of PAME and the FISE representative in Western Africa, Ibrahim Hamadou

22th Febuary 2019


A meeting between FISE, the teachers of PAME and the FISE representative in Western Africa, Ibrahim Hamadou, was held today, the 22th of February 2019, in the offices of PAME:

During the meeting there was discussion regarding the struggles, which PAME has been organizing against the policies that burdain the working class and the teachers in perticular, as well as the status of the syndicalist movement in Western Africa and in Niger, the origin country of Ibrahim Hamadou.

The meeting concluded with the agreement to strengthen the solidarity between the syndicates of FISE and the commitment to itensify the efforts for the rise of class struggles.


CTSU: protest campaigns all over the country

A school teacher was rigorously imprisoned ruling that she had beaten a child. But she had not done so and only advised . CTSU is engaged in protest campaigns all over the country demanding the education authorities to safeguard the teachers who engage in discipline in  schools.

HTFI Condemns the ghastly attack CRPF soldiers in Pulwama

NEW DELHI, February 15 :

The Honorary Teachers’Federation Of India (HTFI) has strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the CRPF men in Pulwama in which so far 44 soldiers have lost their precious lives. COMRADE LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO, Generalissimo of HTFI stated that such a ghastly act of the terrorists needs to be condemned by all the humanist and peace loving person irrespective of their political understanding. We urge upon the people to maintain peace and communal harmony in this hour of shock and grief and not to be provoked by such heinous crimes of cowardly elements as well as by the hated propaganda of some chauvinist elements.
GENERALISSIMO PATRO expressed deep sympathy with the families of the deceased soldiers. He also expressed his deep shock over the failure of the security system needed to check such terrorist attack. He urged that such unfortunate tragedy should not be politicised by anyone, rather all efforts and ideas should be contributed to block such mishaps. He lamented that multipronged approach promised by the central government too has not brought no fruit so far. Therefore, all the political parties need to sit together immediately so as to evolve an effective solution for checking such attacks and to restore all the lingering issues related with Kashmir problem.

Central Committee
Honorary Teachers’ Federation Of India

Denver teachers strike enters 2nd day as negotiations set to resume

 The teacher strike in Denver entered a second day Tuesday with educators disputing pay back on the picket lines and union and school officials set to resume negotiations in an effort to end the walkout.

The strike affecting about 71,000 students in the school district began Monday after last-minute negotiations broke down over the weekend.   Continue reading


On 14th of February 2019 Generalissimo Lekh Ranjan B.Patro directed a high profile deputation of J & K ReT Teachers’ Forum led by State President Vinod Sharma called Worthy Secretary School Education A K  Sahu,  Director Finance and other officials in their office chambers at Civil Secretariat Jammu and discussed in detail the below mentioned grievances of ReT cadre
1.   Issue of Undergraduate teachers who are still waiting for favourable order for their conversion as teacher grade 2
2.  Release of remaining 4 months salary of teachers and masters as  who are suffering badly as they are unable to provide basic amenities to their families including proper food and clothing to their children and required medicines to their old and ailing parents .
3.  Initiation of Regularization process of Un-regularised ReTs  as these teachers are waiting for the same for a long and facing a lot of problems to support their families .
4  Speeding up of the process of conversion of teachers to teacher grade 2 Continue reading