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Ivory Coast: Syndicats in Education and Job training CISEF-CI

Syndicats in Education and Job training CISEF-CI

Three teachers has been arrested on the 21st of November 2018, in the Ivory Coast, while trying to propagandise the strike on the 20th -21st of November, which was declaired by the coalition of worker syndicates in education and job training COSEF-CI.

The teachers are demanding among other things

upgrade of the housing grant,

increase of the exam supervision payment.

The deposit of the 500k CFA francs for their unpaid wages from January to May 2014.

The Word Federation of Teachers Union FISE, member of PSO supports the requests of the teachers in the Ivory Coast.

It demands the release of the teachers arrested and the fulfillment of their fair requests.

The teachers and the workers worldwide have given many fights and have claimed with their blood the right of strike and the liberty of expressing their ideas freely.

No government and no mechanism can stop the struggles of the working class.

We express our solidarity to you.

Οn the occasion of the Day of Solidarity with Palestine 29/11/2018

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
A statement issued by the trade union union – Palestine on the occasion of the Day of Solidarity with Palestine
O workers and people of Palestine struggling … O our glorious Arab and Islamic masses and all honorable people and workers of the world
In solidarity with our heroic Palestinian people. In light of the increasing calls to stand up to the Zionist imperialist attack on the Palestinian people, we turn to the people of their people to pay tribute to their steadfastness and resistance to the brutal occupation and its criminal tools and to confront the worst settlement project known in history and to confront the most brutal types of weapons as in the wounded Gaza Strip. Declaring that all these forms of siege and crimes will not discourage the people of our people from their will and their struggle and will not stop the determination to continue the struggle and struggle. For freedom, independence, return, self-determination and the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
The trade union coalition, with all its organs and instruments, affirms the right of the Palestinian working class to self-determination and to build themselves as a free and honorable democratic building based on international standards that guaranteed the right of democratic trade union organization away from hegemony from some of the unions supported by the Histadrut. Which calls for normalization with Israel and wants to direct the Palestinian trade union movement to split its ranks, as happened recently at the Marrakech conference in the second half of this year 2018 to a number of Arab formations and unions trying to circumvent the legitimacy Arab Federation of Arab Trade Unions and the World Trade Union Federation in Palestine to prevent WFTU from holding a day of solidarity with Jerusalem on 1/10/2018. The trade union coalition also affirms the adherence to the right of the Palestinian people to continue their resistance and struggle against all deals and liquidation platforms, which are the prelude to the deal of the era that will not pass as long as the will of Shshabna strong and solid.
 The Union of Trade Unions in these days of solidarity with Palestine pays tribute to all the solidarity workers of the world and the free world who stand up and support the struggle of our people, stressing that the day of international solidarity with our people, which falls on the twenty-ninth of November each year and salutes the position of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions ICATU WFTU has expressed their solidarity, popular and struggle for a comprehensive strike by all international federations in solidarity with Palestine. We note that these two unions still represent the title of solidarity with the workers and the people of Palestine. We also salute all trade union federations within the framework of the World Confederation of Trade Unions (ITUC) in various continents, which annually hold solidarity activities with Palestine. Where it conducts many solidarity rallies Arab, Islamic and international. Finally, we in the trade union coalition call on all the world’s living forces and all workers in the world to be on 29/11/2018 as a progressive day against all forms of global imperialism headed by the American administration led by the Zionist imperialist leader Donald Trump to assure him that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and that it is Islamic It will never be the capital of any occupying entity and the transfer of the embassy is merely an expression of the American administration’s dislike to satisfy and provide security for Israel. And the subsequent Israeli resolutions and laws to Judaize Jerusalem and the law of Jewish nationalism and cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority and stop all forms of aid is a whirlwind will pass as a result of the struggle of the sons of the great Shabana.
Long live the trade union coalition for the workers of Palestine
Long lived the World Confederation of Trade Unions
The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICFTU) lived

Greek teachers and pupils fight against the monstrosity of unemployment   


Greek teachers and pupils fight against the monstrosity of unemployment

A massive protest was organized last Friday, at the Ministry of Education by permanent and replacing teachers of the primary and secondary education, pupils, students, parents and worker organisations. The protesters were gathered outside the ministry and went on and demonstrated in its yard.

The teachers demand all vacancies in the schools covered and for the permanent employment of the 25.000 teachers who have to travel to every corner of the country in order to cover the needs of the schools, as well as their gaining full labour rights, health insurance and same wages as the teachers, that are permantly employeed in the greek schools. The teachers stress that no colleague should be driven to unemployment, as the ministry is planning; on the contrary, more teachers need to get hired.

From the rally held, the members of PAME called for continuity of the struggle in the schools, along with the parents, the pupils and the rest of the worker movement, following up with the strike on the 14th of November. Meanwhile, they condemned the outlook of the leading members in the ministry and the government of SYRIZA, who follow the directions of the EU and the OECD to the tee.

Pupils and students highlighted that they will continue struggling „for schools that educate and don’t eliminate. We are returning them the bill as it is, because it degenerates an already exhausting school system.”

“We continue our struggle, more feircly and dedicated!”

The massive demonstration that took place on the 9th of  November, 2018 was the 4th mass protest since the beginning of the current school year, which started in September 2018.

FISE supports the requests of the teachers, pupils and students and workers and stands always by their side.



HTFI meets K.A.Ganie regarding burning issues

On 12th of November 2018, a deputation of Honorary Teachers Federation Of India and J&K Rehbar-E-Taleem Teachers’ Forum led by Generalissimo Patro and Provincial President Jammu Rajesh Jamwal called on Advisor to Governor, Jenab Khurshid Ahmed Ganie at Circuit House Jammu regarding the burning issues of ReT cadre which included:
1. Implementation of 7th Pay Commission and release of pending salary of SSA teachers and masters for last 3 months, delinking of salary from MHRD to State budget, regarding committee report for this issue and regularisation of ReTs who have completed 5 years satisfactory service and waiting for the same for a long time. The deputation also reminded the Hon’ble Advisor of the commitment of Honb’le Governor with the TJAC leadership at Srinagar on 26th of September during chain hunger strike for implementation of 7th Pay Commission.
      He listened the deputation quite patiently and said that 7th Pay Commission will be given with the salary of September as per the commitment of Honb’le Governor shortly,beside releasing pending salary and for this he sought the report from Secretary School Education and asked him to brief him by today evening .
    Regarding regularization he called the DSEJ and asked him to write a letter to Secretary School Education by today evening for seeking directions .
Moreover he asked the deputation to meet him tomorrow again regarding these issues .
Central Committee
Honorary Teachers Federation Of India

State Services Invade in Trade Unions Offices


FISE Denounces the State Services Invade in Trade Unions Offices

FISE, the World Federation of Teachers Union, denounces the raid of the Greek IRS services, with a prosecutor’s order, carried out  at the offices of the Piraeus Teachers’ Union (ELME Piraeus).

During the raid, the state agencies seized material from the trade union, such as the computer – with the data of all members of the union – and demanded data such as:

  • minutes of the Union’s Board meetings
  • minutes of the Union’s Meetings (which include the speeches of each employee)
  • the list of names of all colleagues who received assistance by the Solidarity Fund of the Union

This is an unacceptable and unprecedented event, aimed at intimidating and controlling the trade union movement.

Unions are not enterprises. Their operation is determined by their statutes, which provide for their control procedures and the rules for managing and justifying all decisions and, of course, their finances.

The economic activities and decisions of the Unions are checked and approved by the employees themselves and the organs of the Unions over time. The Union is public and open to every colleague, every member! The revenue of this Union comes only from the subscriptions of its members. It does not own property, it does not employ workers, nor does it have any income from commercial activities.

What and who is behind this action, what interests and what is their goal is not difficult to understand.

This development is a continuation of the escalation of persecution and intimidation tactics against the militant trade union movement of Greece

FISE supports the Piraeus Teachers’ Union (ELME Piraeus) who immediately held a protest at the Prosecutor’s Office while denounces this dangerous development for the trade union movement.