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Big protests by pupils and students in Italy

Big protests by pupils and students in Italy

FISE salutes the demonstrations in more than 50 cities across Italy, which were organized on Friday, the 12th of October 2018 by pupils and students voicing the words: “Government of change? Lies! It’s of repression and explotation. We need to regain our future!”, as to condemn the “cut of costs”, which is set as priority by the government of “Lega” – “5 star movement(M5S) and has led to another shrinking of the state funding of Education.

In Rome, the demonstration ended up outside of the Ministry of Education and the protesters denoounced the “savings”, that lead to new deterioration of the educational conditions, especially for the hundreds of thousands young people of the working class families. They criticised the claims of the government that she is supposedly different than her predecessors.

The students and pupils demand a raise of funding, especially regarding the textbooks and the transport of pupils, but also regarding the quality of the school buildings. The condemn the cut of state funding and the plans of the government to install security cameras in the schools.

They also criticise the obstacles that the government sets in educating the children of immigrants and refugees, who have seeked for shelter in Italy and are also being used for the inner imperialistic and bourgeois rivalry.

FISE condemns the state surpression in Zimbabue

Athens, 12th October 2018


FISE condemns the state surpression against worker demonstration and the arrests of syndicalists in Zimbabue.

On Thursday, the 11th of October, police force in Zimbabue attacked and arrested 33 syndicalists, in an attempt to stop the demonstrations of the workers against the new taxes.

FISE condemnd the arrest of the syndicalists in Zimbabue and demands their immidiate release.


PNFTU demand the end of extension and Adhocism Culture in Higher Education Sector

Pakistan National Federation of Trade Unions (PNFTU) has demanded for end of extension and Adhocism Culture in Higher Education Sector

On the eve of World Teachers’ Day Malik Ali Umar Awan President (PNFTYU) said that when the world was paying Tribute to the Teaching Fraternity for the role they play in an Educated Society — hundreds of Teachers running community schools in far-off areas were sitting under the open sky in the Federal capital He demanding to increase their salaries and announce their service structure. He said that Thousand of Teachers, both men and women, hailing from different cities have been staging a sit-in in front of the National Press Club in to impress on the relevant authorities the urgency of their concerns. He said that they have not been paid for the past seven months and have been working for years without any service structure; hence there is no concept of promotion or upgrade. Around 13,300 Teachers work in the non-formal primary education programme called Basic Education Community Schools (BECS), Teachers at these schools have been demanding their rights for years but are still without any job security while working on the meager salaries of Rs8,000 per month — around half the minimum wage. Fix by the Government of Pakistan

(Malik Ali Umar Awan )
Pakistan national Federtaion of Trade Unions (PNFTU)
Affiliated with
World Federtaion of Trade Unions (WFTU)

To PAME (Front for the Struggle of All Workers) in Greece


To  PAME (Front for the Struggle of All Workers) in Greece


The World Federation of Teachers Unions FISE, member of WFTU takes part in today’s massive action of teachers in primary and secondary education, that takes place in Athens.

We agree and support the requests for the hiring of 25,000 replacement-teachers, for stable working places with full rights for all teachers and educators. We agree and support the requests for exclusively public and free of any charges education, which has to fulfill the needs of all pupils, respect the rights of teachers and covers the need of the working class for modern education.

In Germany, the schools started with 40,000 teachers missing and with 1 million children below their relative poverty threshold, who cannot even buy a notebook for their classes. In India, millions of teachers are on strike, demanding a monthly paycheck, as they now work as concessionaires and get paid in the end of the project, if they get paid!!!

In Guinea, in Africa, 2 teachers were killed by the bullets of policemen during their last strike, which lasted one month, but resulted with a 40% raise of their wages.

In Sri Lanca there are schools without electricity or toilettes, where even elementary graduates work as teachers, if they can prove they can write and read. Of course there are also modern schools, where teachers have to distribute to their pupils pills, made by pharmaceutical companies, who by their cooperation with the government conduct their official research that way.

In London there have been strikes, as 1,000 pupils with special needs are being excluded from the educational system, due to a shortage in teachers. In Scotland, strikes have been announced in November, regarding the wages and the working conditions.

In Guinea, for the first time in the last 24 years, teachers strike. In Washington, Virginia, Arizona, Oclahoma, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, in all the continents teachers face measures against education and the workers, that are being taken by the governments, so that they can serve the capitalist economy and the needs of the monopolies and the international companies.

The same tactic of cut-downs in education, of spreading the poorly paid flexible working hours and of the “recycling” of unemployment has been the path of SYRIZA, following the steps of ND, Change Movement (former PASOK) and all the parties, that defend and apply the directions of the EU and the OECD. These parties keep in their agendas the development congresses for investments, which are being based on the work of teachers without any rights or permanent working places, of teachers wandering from school to school and from island to island, in order to secure even 4 teaching hours per week.

The answer to this spreaded attack, that teachers all over the world face, is the one you are giving here and now; it is the same answer that teachers in Nepal voiced yesterday and many more who get out on the streets, standing against these policies, which demand the exploitation of man by man. Against the tactics of the trade unions of ETUCE and the International Education, who organize seminars about the organization and application of such development policies with the said characteristics.

The only way for us, for the World Federation of Teachers Unions is the organization and the solidarity to the struggles of the world movement, so that we can defend the rights of teachers, the rights of the global working class, together with PAME, FISE and WFTU.


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