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Solidarity to the rightful struggle of the Teachers in Cyprus

27th August 2018

Solidarity to the rightful struggle of the Teachers in Cyprus!

The World Federation of Teachers Union FISE, member of PSO, sends its salute to the struggling teachers in Cyprus, who are taking action.

The government of Cyprus announced in the first days of July 2018 measures against education, which it defines as “rationalisation” of Education!!

To be specific, the Anastasiadis’ cabinet reinforces the increase of the working hours of teachers. It decreases the necessary hiring for the following school year to half. The extracurricular activities (such us excursions, cultural events etc) are being limited and the school becomes therefore more and more a exam center!!

Meanwhile, it is being attempted to strike down the teachers’ movement by cutting down syndicalist leave, thereby making it for the teachers’ federation and for the educational syndicalist movement more difficult to take action.

These measures strike severely the right of the working class’ children to education.

FISE expresses its solidarity to the struggling teachers in Cyprus!

The teachers’ struggles all over the world is common for all of us and for the working class.

It is a struggle against governments who strike us down, against the capital and its representatives!



Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) demanded to stop the discrimination against Women teachers of the junior sections of Islamabad’s model college

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) demanded the Management to stop the discrimination against. the  women teachers of the junior sections of Islamabad’s model colleges feel The reason is that the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) has returned their promotion cases to the Federal Directorate of Education after sitting on them for more than seven months but promoted many lecturers of the senior sections as assistant professors (BPS-18). In November 2017, the FDE had sent the CADD the cases of 28 model college teachers (BPS-17), including 17 of senior sections and 11 of junior sections, for promotion as assistant professors and assistant headmistresses, respectively. After procrastinating for months, the CADD promoted all 17 senior section teachers but sent the cases of junior section teachers back to the FDE saying their latest performance evaluation reports (PERs) are missing. The junior section teachers, many serving in the same basic pay scale for years, declared the act discriminatory and it was ironic that they were denied promotion but all contemporaries in senior sections got promotion. Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson (PLF) and President All Pakistan Educational Employees Association said denial of the right to promotion due to the red-tape had demoralized junior section teachers. and “Disappointment and frustration has swept women teachers, who feel ignored, discouraged, humiliated, demoralized and discriminated against She urge the  CADD secretary for intervention to end discrimination against junior section teachers by ensuring early promotion. Continue reading

WFTU–FISE Regional Meeting for teachers

Athens, July 30th 2018


FISE Meeting for teachers, Sri Lanka September 14th 2018

 Dear Colleagues in education,

FISE and WFTU jointly invite a teacher delegate from your trade union in the teachers’ meeting of Asia under the theme:

“The Resolutions of the FISE Congress that took place with great success in Mexico and the priorities for the trade unions in education”.

In the meeting the WFTU General Secretary, George Mavrikos will also take part.

To register you may use the following emails:


With militant Greetings,