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Lugansk People’s Republic: Solidarity with the Greek people

Dear comrades! 

We express our sincere empathy due to the deaths of people because of fire in the suburbs of Athens. The news of this tragic incident, which caused the death of dozens of people, became for us a tremendous shock.

We sincerely share the pain and bitterness of the loss of Greek families.

We bring our sincere condolences and express the words of empathy to relatives and friends of the deceased, as well as wish a quick recovery to all injured citizens.

With respect,



Press Release of the FISE on the wildfires

The World Federation of Teachers union’s  FISE  expresses its solidarity with the families of the victims of wildfires in Athens, resulting, until now, in the loss of life of 80 people.

On the occasion of the loss of human lives in every part of the planet either from wildfires, floods, earthquakes or extremely hot and cold weather, the International Trade Union movement the WFTU and FISE has underlined the big responsibilities of the governments, since, due to the policies of austerity and privatization, the citizens, mostly the poorest ones, are unprotected.

Face to these governmental policies which have in their centre the capitalist profit and not the protection of the ordinary people, we call upon the militant trade unions from all over the world to strengthen their pressure demanding from the authorities to adopt measures and funds for the protection against wildfires, floods, earthquakes and for the application of health and safety conditions at the work places.

The FISE supports the initiatives of PAME and of all militant trade unions of Greece, which through their action and their positions, they stand at the side of the victims of the wildfires at the capital of Greece.

The FISE supports the efforts of the firemen, of many workers and volunteers who fight unevenly with the fire.

We wish the 172 injured persons who are now hospitalized full and speedy recovery and to join their families soon.

The Secretariat

Honorary Teachers Federation Of India: protest demonstration


On the call of All J&K TJAC, a peaceful protest demonstration programme was today the 28/07/2018 held at Zonal Education Office Narbal for delinking of SSA salary from Ministry of HRD and implementation of 7th pay commission in favour of employees working under SSA and RAMSA. A good chunk of teachers from among the zone under the leadership of Zonal President Narbal Mr Muneer Ahmad Lone Sahab assembled at ZEO office Narbal to register the protest and present the memorandum to ZEO Narbal Mr Fareed Ajiz Lone Sahab. The slogans raised on the occasion include All J&K TJAC Zindabad, Quyoom Sahab aagey Badho Hum Tumhare Saath Hain, We want Justice, 7th Pay commission ko lagoo Karo lagoo Karo, Abhi tou yeh Angdhayee hai aagey aur ladayee hai, ssa aur RMSA salary ko centre se delink karo delink karo. Mr Ghulam Mohiuddin Wani Sahab deliberated upon the issue before the Zonal Education Officer Narbal, while Mr Muneer Sahab submitted the representation to the Worthy ZEO NARABAL.On the occasion who spoke include Mr Abdul Hameed Rather Arath, Mr Abdul Ahad Shahbaz Chairhara, Mr Ghulam Mohiuddin Dar Russu, Mr Bashir Ahmad Mazhama, Mr Sajad Ahmad Kanihama, Mr Hafizullah Bhat Yarigund, Mr Abdul Rehman Sozeith and Mr Aijaz Jahanger Rather. Later Mr Bashir Ahmad Mazhama, Mr Muhammad Yousuf Ohangam, Mr Ghulam Hassan Wantoo SK Pora and Mr Aijaz Jahanger Rather talked to media. While talking to media person, all looked emotional. To better have a look and watch why all looked so emotional, it is suggested to please watch News Nation, Zee News, Gulistan News, ETV (News 18 Urdu) and other like channels which are repeatedly telecating the scenes recorded at ZEO OFFICE NARBAL.

Dr.Patro L.B.
Honorary Teachers Federation Of India

Teachers protested in 220 zones in all the three regions of the state

On the Wildfires in Greece

On the Wildfires in Greece

PAME expresses its condolences to the families of people who have lost their lives, whose numbers are constantly increasing. We express our sympathy for the wounded and the victims of the fires.

Despite the titanic efforts of firefighters and volunteers who are fighting against the fires and for the evacuation of those stranded, it is obvious the lack of central planning, of coordination, the lack of measures for firefighting and of fire protection.

Those are issues that have been raised by the class trade union movement repeatedly and in a particularly intense way in the past as a priority for the protection of working people’s life and unfortunately today their absence contributes decisively to the loss of human lives in an inconceivable tragedy.

The government must immediately take all necessary measures to meet the initial needs of those affected.

PAME will directly address on the causes and responsibilities, as well as for the relief of the people affected.

At the moment, priority is the help, the organization of substantial and immediate solidarity. PAME calls on the trade unions to immediately organize their practical solidarity with the inhabitants and those affected in the areas, and to contribute and help in any way alongside the fire-fighting forces.

Greece, Athens July 24 2018

FISE supports the nationwide mobilization of FECODE

21st July 2018

FISE supports the nationwide mobilization of FECODE

The World Federation of Teachers Union FISE, member of the World Federation of Trade Unions stands by the teachers of the National Federation in Colombia (FECODE), who declared nationalwide strike on Tuesday the 25th of July.

One of the main reasons of this national day of mobilization is the threatening situation, which the teachers, students and educational institutions face in the whole country. The violence operators murder teachers and are intimidating the educating community in many different regions of the country. There are denouncements regarding the increasing death threats and murders by paramilitary groups all over the country.

Quite intense are also the complaints in the educational institutions due to the deficiencies in infrastructure, staffing, school transportation and the deficient financing.

We support the right requests of teachers, that concern all workers in Colombia and at the same time are tied to the problems of the working class and the teachers all over the world.

The struggle against the exploitation, the terrorism, for freedom and with the goal of acquiring our rights is common.

We wish the best for your struggles!      

Colombia’s National Federation of Educators (Fecode) announced national strike on July 25

Teachers in Colombia have denounced increasing death threats and murders by paramilitary groups throughout the country.

Colombia’s National Federation of Educators (Fecode) announced Tuesday they will hold a national strike on July 25 to demand government action against the violence of paramilitary groups that are targeting teachers and more budget to improve access and quality of education.

“Actors of violence are murdering teachers and intimidating education community in different zones of the country. Guarantees to the security of teachers and social campaigns to promote schools as territories of peace are urgent,” Fecode’s press release states.

Teachers have denounced that many of them are facing death threats for having supported former presidential candidate Gustavo Petro. “It is their constitutional right to have a political choice in a presidential proposal, but this cannot be motive for persecution or acusaciones,” Fecode said.

They have also called on parents and student representatives to join the protest.

Bogota’s District Association of Educators announced they will join the strike to condemn alleged acts of corruption in the budget for the school feeding program.

“The protests in education centers continue due to the deficiencies in infrastructure, school transport, (and) lack of investment,” Fecode claimed, urging the government of Juan Manuel Santos to fulfill his commitments before leaving office.

The government and teachers signed an 24-point agreement in June 2017 after a 37-day strike. According to the federation only eight of the commitments have been met. The others, including an increase in the education budget, elimination of pay gaps, and improvements in their health services and national fund for social services remain pending.

This is the federation’s third strike this year. The first was organized on Feb. 21, when they denounced the poor health service for educators, and the second took place in May, when they protested the government non-compliance with their agreements.