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_A Positive Respond From SPD SSA with Regard To Working Committee Report In Favour Of Rehbar-E-Taleems_

`Srinagar, May 28 : Under the direction of HONORARY TEACHERS FEDERATION OF INDIA, a delegation of JKRETTF  led by its Vice Chairman Reyazu-Rehman along with State Genral Secretary Saleem Sagar,  DP Kupwara Pir Mishtaq and Core forum member  Kanwal Kashmiri met State Project Director SSA, who is also  the member of working committee framed by honourable Education Minister for resolution of salary Issue of Rehbar-E-Taleem.  The delegation did a detailed discussion on SSA (SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN I.e. EDUCATION FOR ALL MISSION) salary issue with SPD and sought information of committee report from him.

Worthy SPD in his response informed the delegation that the  committee has recommended the report totally in favour of Rehbar-E-Taleem i.e. RET and has said that very soon the issue will be resolved.

As an apprehension was spread among the RETs by some self styled leader for their  vested interests that the salary of  April in favour of  Rets working under SSA would not be released as per the benefits of 7th pay commission, In this regard  the delegation   submitted a representation to Worthy SPD to  release the  salary of April 2018 infavour SSA RETs according to 7th pay commission. The SPD has said that he has already sought requisition for April salary   from CEO as per the fixation of  7th pay commission and there is no need to worry about.

“Though the  verbal response from authorities with regard committee report is comming in favour of RETs, however the protest programme already announced would remain intact until some concrete proof will  not be shared by government with forum ,”  HTFI leader GENERALISSIMO LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO  said.“


‘Delinking demand’

Rehbar -e -Taleem teachers’ strike enters final day for delinking of SSA salaries. In a Statement issued by GENERALISSIMO LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO said that the aggrieved ReT community observed Pen Down strike in second half Consecutively for fouth day as a mark of protest in all the schools across the state and due to Irresponsible attitude of authorities force us to take these extreme steps.
GENERALISSIMO PATRO said that more than 41thousands Teachers across the State working under SSA are without Salary from last two to four months and even newly Regularised Rets have not received their pending arrears and Government is not taking any positive step to release the pending arrears and to delink the Salaries of SSA teachers with State budget as a result we are forced to come on roads for Salary.
GENERALISSIMO PATRO said that Former Finance Minister H. A. Drabu announced to delink the Salaries of SSA teachers with State budget but till time State government is totally failed to delink our salaries with State budget. GENERALISSIMO PATRO also said that four day Pen down strike is completed today and thousands Rets across the State make it successful and tomorrow Executive Members of forum are going to meet in Srinagar for future course of action .
GENERALISSIMO PATRO also appealed the SSA teachers to remain unite and be ready for next phase of agitation in favour of Delinking the Salaries of SSA teachers with State budget.
With Regards
Central Committee
Honorary Teachers Federation Of India

North Carolina teachers join wave of strikes with one-day walkout

Thousands of teachers and supporters will rally at the state capitol to highlight low wages and poorly funded local schools

Teachers from across Kentucky gather inside the state capitol to rally for increased funding on 13 April. Photograph: Bryan Woolston/AP

Teachers in North Carolina are launching a one-day walkout in the latest in a wave of strikes that have won significant victories across the US – and provided a jolt in the arm of the labor movement.

Thousands of teachers and their supporters are set to rally at the state capitol on what will also be the first day of the session for the North Carolina general assembly. The walkout aims to highlight low wages and poorly funded public schools.

“We saw Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona, of course, and that momentum that has been building in these ‘right-to-work states’ is inspiring,” said Kristin Beller, a teachers’ union leader in Wake County, North Carolina.

It’s a bold move for North Carolina as teachers in in the state lack collective bargaining rights – something they hope helps launch a political movement. The strikes have worked in other states, In Oklahoma, teachers won an average $6,000-dollar raise. In West Virginia, the teachers’ strike won a 5% raise for all state workers.

But the North Carolina one-day walkout is likely the final major strike of this school year, as teachers and students prepare to break for summer recess. Union leaders hope that a display of power in North Carolina could help keep momentum as teachers organize throughout the summer. Their successes so far have won plaudits for teachers across America’s labor movement and beyond. Continue reading

Puerto Rico’s Teachers Battle for the Schools Their Students Deserve

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FISE, the World Federation of Teachers Union, affiliated member of WFTU, denounces the new murder of tens of Palestinians in Gaza, on Monday 14th May and demands the immediate stop to the slaughter by Israeli forces. Right now tens of unarmed Palestinians are being murdered, injured and threatened by the Israeli forces, because they are protesting against the transfer of the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and because they demand the right to go back to their land that was taken from them on May 15th 1948.

At least 41 Palestinians have been murdered and more than 2.000 injured in Gaza, raising the toll to 100 Palestinians murdered since the beginning of their protests on March 30. The Israeli army continues to shoot the heroic Palestinian fighters in cold blood.

FISE expresses its solidarity and full support to the entire Palestinian people, who legitimately and fairly fight for their right to have their own homeland, their own state, independent and sovereign, next to Israel, at the borders of 1967 and with East Jerusalem as their capital.

We demand:

That the aggressions of murderer-state of Israel stop immediately.

That the USA embassy not be transferred in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine.

We strengthen solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The Secretariat

We condemn the imprisonment of the young Palestinian, Waed Tamimi, by Israeli forces


10th May 2018


We condemn the imprisonment of the young Palestinian, Waed Tamimi, by Israeli forces

 The World Federation of Teachers Unions FISE denounces the barbarity of the murderous Israeli state, which arrests and imprisons young pupils for defending their homes.

On Thursday, May 10th, Israeli special forces invaded the Tammi family home in the village Nambi Saleh, Palestine, and arrested Waed Tamimi, 18 years old, brother of 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, who, along with her mother, remains imprisoned in Israeli prisons.

The Israeli killer, having become audacious due to the US support, and other imperialist governments, escalates violence and authoritarianism against the heroic Palestinian people. Israel arrests and imprisons young children, pupils, students, young fighters who defend their homes.

FISE stands by the Palestinian people in his righteous struggle for his own independent state, with East Jerusalem as its capital city. We demand the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners and members of the Tamimi family.


May Day in Puerto Rico: Mass marches combat austerity & privatization

By Berta Joubert-Ceci posted on May 8, 2018

The Teachers’ Federation of Puerto Rico (FMPR) May 1st, San Juan

The Teachers’ Federation of Puerto Rico (FMPR) continued its militant opposition to the government closing of public schools (left) during May Day in San Juan. Contingents from all regions and sectors of the people united against the assaults of U.S.-imposed austerity.
On May Day, the extreme political devastation in the Puerto Rican archipelago was clearly shown. The lines of combat were drawn. The interests that the administration of Gov. Ricardo Roselló — and those of his predecessors from the Popular and the New Progressive parties — have sought to disguise became evident. The face of the colony — which is at the mercy of the empire’s interests — was crudely exposed.
National strike a success!
In the early morning on May 1, a typical workday in Puerto Rico, the streets of San Juan were deserted. Plaza Las Americas, the most important commercial center of the metropolitan area, was closed down. So were the businesses and banks in the Golden Mile, the financial center. The deserted streets verified that the national strike was a resounding success.
Then thousands of Puerto Ricans converged throughout the morning on the Golden Mile from feeder marches in response to the call issued weeks before by United People against Sale and Privatization of Public Services.
People came from Culebra and Vieques. Students came and mothers, fathers, children, seniors — entire families — as well as teachers and members of labor unions, women’s groups and environmental communities.  All sectors of the Puerto Rican population were united.
In the island’s southern and western areas, demonstrations were organized for those who could not travel to the metropolitan area.
Those who did not attend the demonstrations still followed the guidelines of the convening organizations: Do not go to work or to school; do not buy anything; do not make any bank transactions. In short, try to paralyze the economy for a day.
All-out police attack
All of the marches were spirited as well as orderly, with militant chants and music. However, some eyewitnesses reported — and multiple videos played on social media showed — that police tried to change agreed-upon routes and block free passage of the demonstrators. The police were hostile and insulted protesters from the beginning to the end of the action. In fact, days before, the capitalist press had tried to instill fear and intimidation among the population to prevent people from participating in the marches.

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