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The Honorary Teachers Federation Of India (HTFI) denounces the M.P’s denial to regularise ATITHI SHIKSHAKS as “the regular Teachers” and not to merge them in state service. The decision of Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government affects all the guest teachers in the state and paves the way for a *NEO BOURGEOISIE SUPPRESSION*.
The new provocative action of Chouhan is part of the overall plans of the M.P. government to control the educational sources and degrade quality of education, That is why they are continuing with a plan to promote conflicts and suppression.
*Generalissimo LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO, Honorary Teachers Federation Of India* stated that
The Chouhan government has also enormous responsibilities for the suppression against the ATITHI SHIKSHAKS.Further *Generalissimo Patro* said that M.P. government is the right-killer of GUEST TEACHERS. which is constantly upgrading its suppression policy and identifies himself *SAVIOUR OF GUEST TEACHERS*. M.P. government crushes the fair struggle of the guest teachers of MADHYA PRADESH.
HTFI decisively condemns the economic torture on GUEST TEACHERS. the injustice exercised by the State of MADHYA PRADESH with the thousands of guest teachers, the construction of the wall of Shame.
Stop immediately the economic injustice. *Generalissimo LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO* said, “We support, we strengthen the solidarity in the struggle of the GUEST TEACHERS to own their fundamentals rights.*

Solidarity and condemnation

Last week, the US authority blocked the authorization of the Secretary-General of the World Labor Union, Comrade George Mavrickus, to enter the United States at a special invitation from the United Nations to attend a meeting in March 2018. This aggressive decision on the right of the United Nations to invite those who wish to participate in its work, To Comrade Maverickus and to the World Federation of Workers in the struggle for the rights of the global working class and other hard workers, a proof of the validity of our Union’s positions of imperialist aggression against peoples, where the United States of America is the shield of any act of aggression in the world Especially what Israel and terrorist organizations from the killing and destruction in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries. The accumulation of such attacks threatens world peace. The FCE therefore sees that the struggle for the legitimate rights of teachers and workers is inseparable from the struggle against American arrogance against peoples.
The World Federation of Teachers (FISE) calls upon the United Nations and its Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, to take a clear stand in defending the right of the United Nations to invite those who wish to visit it in any State or to transfer its institutions to neutral countries that preserve the independence and sovereignty of the Organization

12 February 2018
Dr. Hassan Ismail

President of the World Teachers Union

Educators deliver the message, militant actions needed to save public education

America’s two largest teachers’ unions, the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) gathered 80,000 failing “report cards” from educators across the country to present to Education Secretary Ms. Betsy DeVos. When they arrived to deliver them, they found the doors to the Department of Education locked. “This is a remarkable moment,” Ms. Weingarten, AFT President, told the crowd, adding of the department: “They knew that teachers and parents and students from all over the country have actually taken their time to say what is going on in their schools. And here on Betsy DeVos’s anniversary, this is the first time that I have ever been to this building where we were not let in — where the educators, where the students, where the parents of America were locked out of the federal Department of Education.”

“All unionized teachers in the US are represented by the American Federation of Teachers or the National Education Association. When the heads of the AFT & NEA delivered petitions against the Trump-DeVos anti-student pro-privatization policies they were speaking for tens of thousands of teachers, students, and parents. A great continuing step to win.

Now, nationwide street actions are needed culminating in a national march In Washington, D.C.“

–Angelo D’Angelo, PhD.

Retirees Chapter, United Federation of Teachers Local 2, AFT, AFL-CIO

Honorary Teachers Federation Of India (HTFI) Solidarity Supports ATITHI SHIKSHAKS I.e. GUEST TEACHERS STRIKE in Madhya Pradesh

Generalissimo LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO despatched a Press Release in favour of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS STRIKE. Generalissimo LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO said that the Honorary Teachers Federation Of India HTFI presents  Solidarity Salute to the ATITHI SHIKSHAK of Madhya Pradesh for the strike organized on February 2018 against the government’s attempt to impose even more severe and harsh policy to guest teachers i.e. ATITHI SHIKSHAKS
The attack towards the ATITHI SHIKSHAKS right, the grass unemployed in Madhya Pradesh by the government. The ATITHI SHIKSHAKS launched well organized and uncompromising struggle.
The success of the strike of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS in the public sector on February 2018 and the militant initiatives of ATITHI SHIKSHAKS are encouraging hundreds of unions that choose to collide with the capital and the governments which serve them.
HTFI wishes a great success on February 2018.
With militant greetings.
Central Committee
Honorary Teachers Federation Of India

PROTEST: Visa denial to the WFTU General Secretary by the USA government

Athens, 9-2-2018


Visa denial to the WFTU General Secretary by the USA government

As World Federation of Trade Unions, we denounce the government of the USA which has denied granting to the WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos an entry visa to the US.

The WFTU General Secretary has scheduled a visit to the USA for March 2018 to attend an event of the United Nations in New York, where he is a permanent representative of the WFTU, and to participate as main speaker in the annual trade union meeting of Trade Union Organizations members and friends of WFTU that will take place the same month in Los Angeles, USA.

We followed the procedure of ESTA but unfortunately the persistent answer from the competent USA state authorities was negative.

This position of the US Department of State is antidemocratic and aims at preventing the free trade union action and the strengthening of the militant trade union movement of the workers in the USA. At the same time, it is a deliberated discrimination against the WFTU and against its right to fulfill its role within the United Nations, a role that has possessed since 1945. The USA governments do not like the consistent anti-imperialist, anti-monopolist line of the WFTU, and they think that through antidemocratic prohibitions they will stop our internationalist action in favor of the peoples who struggle to decide on their own, in a free and democratic way, about their present and future. But they will never manage this, no matter how many anti-democratic, racist discriminations they make against the international militant trade union movement.

We also addressed the embassy of the USA in Athens without receiving a positive answer. Continue reading