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NETHERLANDS: Tens of thousands of teachers went on strike



More than 60,000 elementary school teachers in the Netherlands went on strike yesterday, demanding increases in wages and better working conditions by employment of additional staff, according to the Teachers’ Union (Abo). It is the second national strike of teachers within two and a half months (after several years), as their demand for additional state funding of 1.4 billion euros (900 million for increases in wages and 500 million for additional employment) has not been satisfied yet by the government.

A survey published in the Trouw newspaper on the occasion of October strike outlined the significant deficiencies in Dutch primary schools and the intensification of work: It is estimated that 31,000 Primary School Teachers have left the educational system, while many of them (about 2 / 3) would return if wages and working conditions would be improved.

Statement of Refusal to Trump’s Resolution to Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Statement of Refusal to Trump’s Resolution to Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Dear comrades and friends

The WFTU Regional Office in the Middle East and its member organizations in the region condemn the resolution, which was made by the USA President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli’s Capital. This resolution clearly manifests the harsh and unjust world that we are living in today. This resolution shows that the US government does not care at all for international law or UN resolutions regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. This resolution shows the endless support of US government to the occupying Israeli forces that humiliates, imprisons and kills our people in Palestine.

Our people in Palestine have long been the subject of occupation and oppression by the Israeli forces and international community. This resolution of the US government is meaningless and has no power on the ground because of the struggle of our people in Palestine and the support of free people arounf the world.

We support our people in Palestine for their just cause and we call upon all our forces around the world to make stands in front of US embassies around the world and to deliver strong messages condemning the US resolution and calling for the end of Israeli occupation to Palestine, Syrian Golan and Lebanese Shiba’a Farms.

We call for open days of stand with Palestinian people by having publications that expose the Israeli government’s daily plans to expand settlements in occupied Palestine territories.

No to Trump’s Plan to Recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli’s Capital
Long Lives the Palestinian Just Cause

Long Lives International Solidarity

Dr. Adnan Azzouz
Regional Director of WFTU
in the Middle East

Solidarity to the working class of Greece: National Strike ON 14 DECEMBER

The World Federation of Teachers Union FISE expresses its solidarity with the working class of Greece that this period is struggling against the SYRIZA – ANEL government and the draft law that filed in parliament, attacking to the right of striking.

The government which is composed by the ”left-wing” SYRIZA party and the right-wing, racist and nationalist ANEL party, based to the recent general politic election govern the country with the 20% of the electoral body and demand, with this draft law, 50% of a trade union members to declare a legitimate strike.

SYRIZA-ANEL govern the country with 20%  but demand 50% for strike!!!

For these anti-labor policies, the SYRIZA-ANEL government has again received congratulations from Troika, the IMF, the European Union and the Greek Capitalists.

The FISE supports all militant action for the Preparation of the PAME’s National Strike ON 14 DECEMBER. Support the demonstrations held on 14th December by PAME in all the cities of Greece. FISE support all employees who live and fight against the anti-unions and anti-democratic policies of the Greek government.

We join our voice with all the unions that are reacting to the blocking of the right of Strike.

The right of workers to strike is a sacred weapon. It is a conquest of the World Working Class and is earned by workers’ blood rivers in every corner of the World.

Today, at a time when the capitalist system is rotten, the international bourgeoisie, together with the nomenclature of International Organizations and the complicity of reformist trade union leaders, have opened a debate within the International Labor Organization aimed at the abolishment of the right to strike.

The Greek government of SYRIZA-ANEL is hurried to  be from the former who declare allegiance and engagement in these plans; Is hurried to show the way to all capitalist governments.

We call on the members of the World Federation of Teachers Union, all the militant trade unions to actively express their solidarity with PAME and all the workers of Greece, demanding the withdrawal of this dirty anti-labour draft law. This fight is about ALL.

What was won by blood – It will not abolish by any government’s pencils

The Secretariat