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INVITATION: 18th congress of FISE




Dear comrades, the 18th congress of FISE will take place in Mexico City, on 4th and 5th of March. We kindly request you to reaffirm your participation and to send it to us as soon as possible to the following e-mails:  and

The subjects to be discussed are important for all teachers’ unions as well as for the development of struggles in favor of the education and workers. The agenda of the proceedings is going to be sent to you shortly.

Sri Lanka: September 21st strike

Dear comrades

Today the 21st of September here in Sri Lanka we had a joint strike in education and health sectors.
This was against the privertisation of health and education.
The main slogan is to Abolish SAITM (Sauth Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine). SAITM is a private medical college which is established ilegally in 2009 and yet to get the approval of the Sri Lanka Medical Council. And last week General Medical Council of England blacklisted the SAITM.
There’s a long struggle  by Medical students and other university students , government doctors , trade unions ,political parties and other mass organizations demanding to abolish it.
There were lots of strikes by doctors and lots of joint demonstrations but the government is still failed to give a solution.
Today’s strike was very much successful and lots of schools were almost closed. More than 60% of teachers joined with the action.
The stiking unions urged to continue the struggle untill the government abolish the SAITM.

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Solidarity with the People and the Workers of Mexico

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions of WFTU, expresses its support and solidarity with the workers and the people of Mexico, who face the consequences of the killing earthquake that stroke a few hours ago.

The death of hundreds of people proves once more the danger of non-existing earthquake safety measures and safety checks in public buildings, work places and popular neighborhoods. The tragedy unfolding in Mexico is an alarm also for the workers of Greece who witness a series of vital services (earthquake safety measures, forest protection, health and safety regulations and control in the work places, etc) are being sacrificed for the profits of the business groups. The earthquakes are natural phenomena, but once again is proved that their consequences are premeditated crimes against the workers and peoples.

FISE expresses its solidarity to the trade union organizations of Mexico and we ask you to convey our condolences to the families of the victims. During these difficult times we stand by your side.

Athens, September 21, 2017

PARA teachers federation of INDIA & XGPNNSS: District wise demonstration against suppression

PARA TEACHERS FEDERATION OF INDIA & XGPNNSS organised District wise demonstration against suppression of State government on para teachers of Chhattisgarh.

Our demands are implementing 7th pay commission, regularising para teachers and providing all facilities. All block presidents and district presidents participated in the rally. CGPNNSS Presidents and PTFI presidents addressed the mass and despatched PRESS RELEASE.

Dr.Patro L.B.


Para-Teachers Federation Of India

18th Congress of FISE, 4-5 March 2018 in Mexico


INVITATION  for the 18th Congress of FISE. 4-5 March 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico.

To the teachers organizations

Dear fellow militants, 

The global capitalist crisis, the imperialist wars, the international economic organizations and associations attack the rights of all the workers and, of course, also the rights of the teachers.

The problems of education and teachers are being more acute every day. Shrinking of school units, teachers’ layoffs, salary reductions, trade union and labour rights violations, limitation of trade union and democratic freedoms, police attacks against teachers who demonstrate, are some of the measures implemented by the most governments in the five continents. Continue reading