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Solidarity message to the militant teachers of Peru

The World Federation of Teachers Union-FISE, member of the WFTU, sends a message of solidarity to the militant teachers of Primary and Secondary education of Peru who, for over 50 days, continue their strike, despite the threats made by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s reactionary government. The Peruvian government threatens teachers with mass layoffs, unless they return to their posts and begin this week’s programmed-by the government-classes.

Teachers demand a raise in the country’s Education budget, a raise in their salary, an improvement of their insurance system, an improvement in facilities and education conditions. Finally, teachers demand the abolition of the anti-educational law, which connects the teacher’s appraisal along with their activity within the labour movement and, in general, their political action, thus attempting to create totally manipulated government employees.

The World Federation of Teachers Union-FISE, expresses its solidarity to the struggle of Peruvian teachers.



India: Para teachers’ historical demonstration against the  Government of Chhattisgarh

Para-Teachers of Chhattisgarh stepped on road for their legal rights.

Thousands of para teachers were presented at Raipur in c.g. we presented our demands infront of the govt.

Our demands are:
-The govt must train all untrained teachers,
-increasement of salary,
-regular distribution of salary,
-promotion system,

We are teachers and we have to enjoy the rights of teachers.

The rally was organised jointly by CGPNNSS & PARA-TEACHERS’ FEDERATION OF INDIA.


-Comrade Patro L.B.


Para-Teachers’ Federation Of India

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Issues of Teachers Movement in Nepal

Teachers who teach in Nepalese Community schools have been struggling for more than four decades for their rights and improvement in education system.

The main issue is to make the post permanent most of the teachers remain temporary because of government carelessness. Teachers work for twenty years and have to give exam after several years. The government doesn’t advertise vacancies for permanent teacher for a long time. There is a great discrimination between permanent and temporary teachers.

Teachers work for a long time being temporary and have to go home with empty hand at last. The government makes agreement and signed on paper but does nothing to implement it in real practice, so the teachers are on hunger strikes demanding a permanent job for some days to put pressure to the government.


  • The teachers who have been teaching in government school for a long time till now should be provided equal opportunity to be permanent securing 40 marks in exam.
  • Those teachers who do not pass the exam should be provided golden handshake with medicine and treatment package.

For the purpose the government should change the education act 2028, 9th amendment.

Long term demands

  • Advertisement for teacher selection should be regularly published and the process should be finished on time.
  • The provision of appointing temporary teacher should be stopped.
  • Teacher training program should be made effective.
  • There should be only one kind of teacher not 17 different types.
  • There shouldn’t be any discrimination between teachers and other social workers in salaries and facilities.


Ceylon Teachers Service Union: Solidarity with the Voluntary Teachers on hunger strike

The Ceylon Teachers Service Union, (affiliates to the FISE and WFTU) the major teachers union in Sri Lanka convey the fullest support and solidarity with the voluntary teachers of Nepal. At this moment the whole world knows that they are on hunger strike for more than eight days and their lives are in danger. Their struggle and demands are very fair and just. Therefore we urge the Nepalese government to fulfill their demands and ensure well life conditions. And also we urge them to save their lives by finishing the hunger strike as soon as possible.

With militant solidarity

Mahinda Jayasinghe

General Secretary


Solidarity message to the teachers-hunger strikers in NEPAL


 Solidarity message to the teachers-hunger strikers in NEPAL

The World Federation of Teachers’ Union (FISE), an affiliated member of WFTU, supports the struggle of the temporary teachers in Nepal, who are already on the 6th day of the hunger strike demanding permanent employment with rights to health care and pensions.

FISE denounces the Nepalese government, which keeps more than 25,000 teachers unsecured and in temporary employment, and tries with false promises to stop the teachers’ strike.

We express our solidarity with the hunger strikers. We support the initiatives of KONEP NEPAL and we call on the educational organizations to support the fair demands of teachers in NEPAL