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The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, representing the class union movement of workers in Education has the honour to invite you to the 18th Congress that will be held on March 4-5, 2018, in Mexico City, in Mexico.

We want the 18th Congress of FISE, which is jointly organized by the CNTE-SNTE of Mexico and the World Federation of Trade Unions, WFTU, to be a step forward to develop a militant line, far from the compromises and submission to the OECD guidelines. We want to demand in an organized, planned and militant way the education that the working class needs, as well as the satisfaction of the modern needs of the workers in education.

With a clear line and organized struggle to tackle the measures imposed on education, by the imperialist organizations of NATO, the European Union, the multinationals and the monopolies that impose the evaluation, the programs and the content that serve their profits and bring problems to the teachers and students.

In this context, your presence at the 18th Congress will be an honour for the class educational movement and an important step in strengthening our organizations’ relations for our coordination and joint action.


  • Accommodation costs will be covered (food, stay for three nights, in double rooms, transportation to and from the airport, transportation to and from the congress).

NOTE: Air tickets will not be covered

  • Please plan your arrival for 3rd March 2018 and your departure not later than 6/3/2018.
  • To facilitate the organizing committee, confirm your participation as soon as possible.
  • Translation will be provided in English – Spanish – French.
  • We will inform you in the next few days about the final program and other details of the congress.

 With militant greetings

The Executive Secretariat of FISE.

18th Congress of FISE, 4-5 March 2018 in Mexico

INVITATION  for the 18th Congress of FISE. 4-5 March 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico.

To the teachers organizations

Dear fellow militants, 

The global capitalist crisis, the imperialist wars, the international economic organizations and associations attack the rights of all the workers and, of course, also the rights of the teachers.

The problems of education and teachers are being more acute every day. Shrinking of school units, teachers’ layoffs, salary reductions, trade union and labour rights violations, limitation of trade union and democratic freedoms, police attacks against teachers who demonstrate, are some of the measures implemented by the most governments in the five continents.

The content of education at all levels is being adapted to the decision of the OECD that wants education to be a commodity. A commodity which gives money to the capital, but which primarily seeks to deprive the working class children of the formation of class consciousness and knowledge about the historical, scientific truth that inevitably reinforces the fight against the exploitation of man by man.

The progressive teachers in every corner of the globe we are worried about the low quality of education provided to the new generations of children. Parents are also understandably concerned about whether their children receive essential knowledge and useful qualifications in schools. Teachers and parents, we are both concerned about the continuous privatizations in education. The education sector is of strategic importance and the education should be free, public and compulsory for all. Continue reading

Solidarity with Strikers of Metal, Tourism and Commerce Workers in Greece and FIAT workers in Serbia


Metal and Serbia

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions (FISE) affiliated to WFTU, we express our solidarity with the struggle of the workers of Metal, Tourism and Commerce Workers in Greece and in FIAT factories in Serbia.

Metal and Serbia 3

On July 13 the metalworkers in shipbuilding are going on strike demanding the signing of Collective Contract, as it was in 2009, which means reinstatement of wages and a series of workers’ rights, as work day time, health and safety regulations etc. Continue reading