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Solidarity to the Workers of Brazil


FISE expresses Solidarity to the Workers of Brazil on their General Strike of June 30

FISE expresses its support to the workers of Brazil, for the 30 June, General Strike.
The workers of Brazil, on June 30 go on strike all over the country against the antiworkers’ reforms, planned by the Government of Brazil.
The struggle for full time, steady jobs, decent wages, Public and Free Social Security, Healthcare and Educations, is a struggle of the working class all over the world against business groups and the Governments, who serve them.
FISE expresses its solidarity and support to the workers’ mobilizations in Brazil.


Speech of Chrysi Lampoudi, Vice President of the FISE

Geneva, 14-06-2017

Lamb ILO2

Speech of Chrysi Lampoudi, Vice President of the FISE
Dear Collegues,
We represent here today the FISE which was founded in 1946 and which from then until now is a member of the WFTU. At the same time we are a permanent member of UNESCO in Paris, and we actively participate in all the interesting international Forums that have to do with Education and teachers. We believe that from 1946 until today our organization has dealt with all the major subjects concerning education. Through the struggle of the workers of the past century, we have achieved great progress and many of the problems of teachers were resolved. Illiteracy was contained, and in several countries first level education became mandatory.
Unfortunately in the last decade governments around the world are trying to get back everything with achieved through our struggle. The deep economic crisis of capitalism is being used by the governments as an excuse to dismantle free and public education, to lower the quality of education and take back the rights of teachers and professors.
In many countries we have in progress what we call an “education reform” . In reality it should be called “anti-educational reform” because its real target is to destroy what we have built for decades.
⦁ The central goal of capitalists and monopolies is the privatization of education.
⦁ The quality of education is on a constant drop and the historical truth is being twisted
⦁ Parents and students are being forced to pay for their education, something that the State should be obliged to do. Continue reading

In Solidarity with the Cuban people


The Brussels International Trade Union Meeting concluded its works today, 8th of June 2017, with great success.

The trade unionists from all over the world participating in the International Trade Union Meeting adopted a common resolution about the development of their action in solidarity with the Cuban people.

Brussels, June 8th 2017


Today, on June the 8th, concluded with great success the International Trade Union Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in the European Parliament under the slogan:

“Stop with the blockade policies against Cuba”

Trade-unionists from 13 countries from all over the world reiterated their internationalist solidarity with the heroic Cuban People and demanded the end of the criminal financial blockade, imposed by the US imperialists and their allies. Furthermore, in an internationalist spirit of solidarity, the class-oriented trade unionists condemned the illegitimate usurpation of the Guantanamo territory by the US governments since 1903, demanding its immediate return to the Cuban state and people.

This way, we decided the launch of a dynamic international campaign with two concrete demands:

  1. The immediate end of the imperialist blockades against Cuba, as an act of violation of the Cuban people’s human rights. The imperialist blockade which was imposed by various US governments continues impeding the growth of Cuban economy and provoking hunger and medicine scarcity in the island. Despite the strong rejection of the international community against this inhuman blockade, this criminal practice is still in force. So we call upon every militant trade union in the world to develop various activities, denouncing the blockade policies.
  2. The unconditional return of the Guantanamo territory to Cuba, ending this way the illegitimate occupation of a part of Cuba’s national soil by the US imperialism for more than hundred years. We demand that the sovereignty of Cuban state be respected. The people of Cuba have the right to determine and decide by themselves on their present and future. The right of all peoples to their self-determination can’t be questioned.

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