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Militant Demonstration of Unions, Students, Teachers Against the Fascists


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The working class of Piraeus, the students and teachers of the local schools, with the Parents’ Associations held a militant demonstration on Saturday, January 21st, against the racism and xenophobia cultivated by the fascists of Golden Dawn.

The demonstration was organized as a response to the fascists, after a school meeting for the reception of refugee children was attacked by a fascist raid battalion, of the Golden Dawn last Tuesday. The fascists had attacked the parents and the teachers, while police forces were present and did nothing to stop them. The fascists were repelled by the strong stance of the teachers and the people at the school.

At the demonstration the class unions, the students, parents and teachers highlighted that the people of Piraeus is welcoming the refugee children, the victims of imperialism, and together must fight against those who create poverty and wars.

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Greece, Athens January 23 , 2017

For the Education of Refugee Children in Greece

Teachers Association of Primary Education of Eastern Attica ” SOCRATES”  mail:



It is well known that among the thousands of uprooted people, as a result of the imperialist wars and military interventions in the Near East, 22,000 are children, according to the data supplied by the Greek Government. Consequently, the issue of the education of refugee children and their support is crucial.
On 19th September 2016, the government, in an effort to create a positive impression, announced the Creation of Spaces for the Hosting and Education of refugee children (DYEP) (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Immigration and Ministry of Health). The initial plan was 800 classes in 46 regions.
In the end, these spaces (D.Y.E.P. ) addressed only to a very small number of children. This number concerns less than 1,000 children. No D.Y.E.P. place is provided for children aged 4 to 6 in Greece. And for the children of the age of 13-15 not more than 3-5 spaces D.Y.E.P. are going to work
Also, several problems, associated with these spaces, are emerging, especially in regard to the sufficiency and the functioning of the school buildings. The Greek Government has not ensured for the municipalities the sum of money required for the daily cleaning of the schools and the basic feeding of the children.
We demand:
• Immediate operation of all Spaces of Hosting and Education of Refugee Children D.Y.E.P. (according to the original plan), under the aegis and exclusive responsibility of the State, so that all children can benefit from the educational process. This means operation everywhere:
A) initially, of the D.Y.E.P. , but also the integration of the children in the public school, which presupposes necessary measures to create adequate conditions, so that their integration is essential.
(B) permanent support programs, in which children will be engaged in various and creative activities, during the hours they are not in school or in the Hosting and Education Spaces. D.Y.E.P. These programs will be carried out in the place where the children live and under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Continue reading

The Trade Unions Against the Fascists’ Attacks


On Tuesday, January 17, the Parents Association and Teachers’ Union of the 1st Primary School of Iconio, Perama (neighborhood of Piraeus, next to Athens, the largest port of Greece), were holding a meeting for the reception of 27 refugee children, who are to start attending at this school.

The school meeting was attacked by a fascist raid battalion, of the Golden Dawn, headed by one of their MPs (who is also accused in the trial for the murder of the Antifascist Pavlos Fyssas and the murderous attack against union leaders of PAME). The fascists attacked the parents and the teachers, while police forces were present and did nothing to stop them. The fascists were repelled by the strong stance of the teachers and the people at the school.

The PAME-affiliated Unions of Piraeus and Perama stated

“The Piraeus workers and the whole country have accepted the refugee children in schools alongside with their own children since the vast majority of people understand that the refugees are forced to leave their countries, chased together with their family to escape rockets and bullets, getting drowned in rafts to survive, you need solidarity and protection, especially when it relates to infants and young children.

Our Unions from the first moment stood by the refugees, did everything in their power to show their solidarity, material and moral, but also to demand from the government immediate measures so that refugees can reach the fastest in the destinations they wish, but while they stay in our country to live in appropriate conditions.

We urge every parent to isolate the neo-Nazi criminals who trample on the bad situation we are living as workers and trying to present those responsible, as victims.

Responsibility for the tragic situation that forces millions of people to leave their homes, have those who cause people to be slaughtered in wars for the sharing of oil and natural resources of each country.

The neo-Nazi Criminals Golden Dawn will do what they can, to hide from the workers that, for the refugee situation and the situation that we live the workers in our country, guilty are the business groups, the monopolies that profit billions from the imperialist wars and interventions.

This is the reason why the capitalists finance and support the fascist Golden Dawn all these years. Continue reading

About the child labour in India and worldwide

The Indian Police found 200 children to work in a tile manufacturing industry in Telangana, India. Μost of them are younger than 14 years old. The number of child labor amounts to 5,7 million in India and to 168 million worldwide accounting to the ILO.

The scourge of child labour persists in many countries where children’s human rights are violated. The bourgeoisie, taking advantage of the miserable living conditions of the children, forces them to work as cheap workforce. The WFTU struggles against the inhuman crime of child labor and demands the forming of conditions so that the states can protect these children and cover their main needs.

The Secretariat WFTU 


Some reader may consider wrong this reflections´ title
I´m sorry to say to this reader that is he who may be wrong. What is said in this previous statement is being shown by the activities developed by social democracy and yellow trade unionism during the last decades.
As founder member of many collective union projects, and being a long run unionist myself, I have checked that fascism congratulates itself (in reality has worked to this outcome during many years) any time a class trade union turns itself, in the way its leaders work, into a yellow trade union.
Social democracy gives its help to this process and besides contributes to the ideological confusion: they call themselves socialist, but its leaders are pro-capitalists, denying the Marxist analysis of reality.
Social democracy´s leaders already shown, in 1949, their submission to the interests of capitalism when they help to create (from a small part of the WFTU) the CIOSL (today known as ITUC) in order to establish their differences with the major trend at the WFTU in refusing the logic and coherent anti imperialist and anti colonialist positions then linked to the necessities of the world´s working class.
It is now, in order not to create further misunderstoods, to define what a yellow trade union is from my point of view – and from the point of view – I guess – of those affiliated to the WFTU.
Yellow trade unionism (those considered itself inter-class, aiming to the Social Pacts to stop the fighting capacities of the exploited while at the same time supporting social democracy) is that kind of unionism that never denounces the existence of the class struggle. Continue reading





  •  Abolish Charter Schools.
    Taxpayers Money for Public Schools NOT for profiteers!
  •  Expand Head Start and other pre-school programs.
  •  Provide nutrition programs (hot meals) in all primary schools.
  •  Eliminate wasteful testing and provide real educational opportunities.
  •  Make Higher Education Tuition FREE!
  •  Reduce class sizes to no more than 15 students per instructor and encourage collective education for students.
  •  Hire and train more educators and classified employees.
  •  We demand Cancellation and repudiation all student debts / loans.