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Declaration of FISE on Fidel Castro’s death

Forever immortal

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, would like to convey to the cuban people,to the CTC, to the State and Party leadership of Socialist Cuba, our deepest condolences from the bottom of our hearts for the Comandante Fidel’s death. He was a leader who, along with Che, along with all his comrades, fought and beat the imperialists and their instruments.

He will be immortal forever and an example to teach to our students.


For the 4th Conference of PAME



 Friends and comrades,

The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, a member of the WFTU, is welcoming the 4th nationwide conference of the all workers militant front, PAME, which will take place in Athens, on the 19th and 20th of November, with the participation of hundreds of associations, federations and labor centres.

FISE is watching the everyday struggles of the workers in Greece in defense of their rights, struggles where PAME is leading against the policy of multinationals, against the imperialist wars, against the government’s syndicalism.

We acknowledge the contribution of PAME in development of internationalism, in development of solidarity. We recognize its contribution to the problems of migrants and refugees. Its contribution to the reorganization of the international trade union movement.

We are confident that the decisions of the 4th conference of PAME will serve as a guide to strengthen our trade union organizations and the efficiency of our struggle.

Good luck to your work.

With militant greetings