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GERMANY: child poverty is widening

Germany children  According to the Foundation research «Bertelsmann» the average child poverty in Germany amounts to 14.7%. Between 2011 and 2015 it even increased in 9 of the 16 Länder and reached a total of nearly 2 million. In the western provinces, child poverty has increased since 2011 from 12.4% to 13.3% in 2015. In the eastern ones, it  fell from 24% to 21.6%, but remains high, suggesting that capitalist barbarism strikes the working classes in the “locomotive of the EU”, where the capital has come out as winner. And, of course, the first victims are children whose parents experience the flexible forms of employment, half life of the so-called “Mini Jobs” of 400 euros per month which concerns  more than 7,000,000 employees.

Local elections are continuing:
Local elections in the Land of Lower Saxony took place on Sunday in Germany, while the next ones will be held in Berlin. These elections are held at a time when tensions grow within the coalition between the Christian Democrats (CDU) – Christianokoinonistes (CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD), the same time that the new party capital ‘Alternative for Germany »(AfD) is set up ,a party that raises contradictions in EU sides, opposition to joining the euro with anti-immigrant rhetoric.

In the elections in Lower Saxony, the Christian Democrats suffered losses in the first place with 34.4% ( 37% in 2011), the Social Democrats took 31.2% ( 34.9%), followed by the “Greens” with 10, 9% ( 14.3%), the “Alternative” with 7.8% (without participation in previous elections), Liberals with 4.8% ( 3.4%) and the “Left” ( “lINK” , the opportunist party in the leadership of the European Left)  with 2.4% ( 3.3%). The participation was around 55.5% and it is the fifth largest state of Germany.

FISE Condemns the Murder of the Striker Worker in Italy

 September 15, 2016


FISE Condemns the Murder of the striker Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf, from the company GLS/SEAM in Piacenza of Italy.

Comrade Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf worker from Egypt, member of the Italian union USB, was picketing the strike in the company GLS/SEAM couriers, which was taking place against flexible working conditions imposed by the company. The employers gave orders to one of the drivers to move his truck against the picket line. The truck hit and killed the striker, father of 5 children.

Ruthless employers having the government as their ally, are picketing their profits playing with the lives of the workers. FISE condemns the employers as well as the governments, which are formulating laws according the interests of the employers and not the workers.

The escalation of oppression and repression has to be answered from the organized, class oriented trade union movement.

We express our class solidarity to the struggle of the workers of GLS/SEAM and USB union.

We call all teachers unions all over the world to massively condemn the murder of our comrade Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf and express their solidarity.


We strengthen solidarity! – We strengthen the struggle!

The secretariat

FISE Solidarity with the General Strike in India


Solidarity message

FISE Solidarity with the General Strike in India

The FISE, World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, affiliated to WFTU expresses its solidarity with the working class, teachers’ unions and the trade unions of India for the General Strike of September 2.

At this great struggle, we hope to involve all the teachers union and take parts  in the demonstrations to be held in India .

FISE, expresses its support and solidarity tothis great battle of the working class of India.

Long Live Solidarity!

Long Live Internationalism!

With militant greetings
he Secretariat