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12th June – Day Against Child Labour

12th June – Day Against Child Labour



168 million children around the world according to the international data organizations are forced to work in order to survive, themselves and their families. A number, which although it may be unequal to the real one, shows clearly that the system that cares for the interests of multinationals and monopolies, the system that generates wars, poverty, refugees, simply records every year the number of children who are forced to work and announces measures that can reduce child labour, but they can’t eliminate it.
In all continents, in developed and developing or third world countries, there are children deprived of their rights and they literally bleed so that the multinationals can have cheaper cost and more flexible obedient workers.
The struggle of FISE, the struggle of the teachers who support the rights of children is associated with the struggle of the labour unions, parents, teachers, students, for free public education, for a content that meets the needs of children of the working class, for a world without exploitation.

Teachers in Mexico continue their struggle

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For more than  20 days, teachers in Mexico have been marching against the government’s plans to reform the educational system. The attempt of the government to privatize and standardize the Mexican education structures, including teachers evaluations, came against the thousands of teachers, in strong, massive marches. In many cases, the police tried to suppress violently the protesters. Mexican teachers continue their struggle in multiform ways.

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“The Teachers’ corner”’ of the European Union: Rewriting History and Justifying the E.U. Barbarism

riseUp2“The Teachers’ corner”’ of the European Union:
Rewriting History and Justifying the E.U. Barbarism

Recently, the European Parliament has approved the report on “learning about the E.U. at school”. As a matter of fact, for years the union of monopolies has developed a series of educational material proposed to teachers, as a tool of the EU propaganda mechanism, which already operates in various ways at schools. An example is the attempt to present the 9th of May, the day that the peoples crashed  fascism – Nazism, as the ” day of Europe” to erase the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union.

We leafed through the category “our best teaching material” of the educational material that is posted on the website “The Teachers’ corner”’ of the European Union and is proposed for the current school year. This is a real “corner” of anticommunism – of the attempt to rewrite history and of the “justification” of the E.U. barbarism.

In the pages of the brochure “let’s explore Europe” (published 2014) for children aged 9 – 12, this is how the countries where the working class had built socialism are described: «For many years, the eastern and western countries of Europe had been kept apart. The leaders in the eastern part believed in a system of government called ‘Communism’, which resulted in a hard life for the population there». Continue reading

June 16th: Soweto Day, Part 2 of 6: Cruelty and Chaos in Schools

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June 16th

Soweto Day

A resource-book for educators, in 6 parts

Part 2 of 6: Cruelty and Chaos

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Part 2

Chaos and Cruelty in Schools

Because of the government’s homelands policy, no new high schools were built in Soweto between 1962 and 1971.

But in the 1970s the state decided it needed better educated workers.

National enrolment of 178 959 in 1974 increased to 389 066 in 1976, a 140% increase in two years.

Between 1972 and 1974, 40 new schools were built in Soweto alone, and secondary enrolments grew from 12 656 to 34 656, a jump of nearly 300%.

School population increased more than the capacity of the schools to cope.

As a result of all of the above there was chaos and gross overcrowding, and stress on capacity of teachers to teach.

At the same time the government appointed Andries Treurnicht, ex-chairman of the Broederbond, and future founder, with Clive Derby-Lewis (the murderer of Chris Hani), of the Conservative Party, as Deputy Minister of Education.

1974: Treurnicht decrees that Afrikaans should be a medium of instruction in schools, 50:50 with English. Black African students are now required to have three languages, while white students only have to have one. Whites get free education; blacks have to pay.

1975: Government spent R644 a year on a white child’s education but only R42 on a black child.

In 1975, the Bantu Education Department decided to reduce the number of school years from 13 to 12. Consequently, at the beginning of 1976, two years of students went up to Secondary School, at the same time.

In Soweto schools, mother tongue had been the medium of instruction at junior primary prior to 1975. In 1976 the policy of teaching half the curriculum in Afrikaans, and the other half in English, was to be introduced. Students going up from primary had to learn two new languages – which is an impossibility.

This was the scene created by the apartheid regime prior to the June 16th 1976 events.

Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974:

Forced all black schools to use Afrikaans and English in a 50–50 mix as languages of instruction

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