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Solidarity with Workers, Trade Unions and the Turkish people


 Press release

Solidarity with Workers, Trade Unions and the Turkish people

To the unions, teachers, workers and the people of Turkey:

“Dear comrades,

On behalf of the World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, member of WFTU, we express our condolences for the victims of the criminal assault on the Istanbul airport.

The more competitions and contradictions of imperialists are accentuated the more hard measures will be taken by the governments, as Turkey and criminal attacks will increase. The measures against terrorism are always accompanied by measures that remove democratic, trade union rights, and such measures are utilized to remove wages, pensions and to adapt education more and more to the needs and profits of the multinationals and monopolies.

FISE, the class trade unions around the world, the unions of teachers in Turkey and the Middle East need to strengthen the anti-imperialist struggle. To strengthen the struggle for peace, security, life with rights.

We express our condolences to the victims’ families and the solidarity of FISE to the teachers, the working class and the people of Turkey. ”


We condemn the murders of teachers protesting in Mexico


The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, member of WFTU sends a message of solidarity to the teachers, parents, students who are struggling. It condemns the murderous policy of the Mexican government which made a new attack during the weekend 18 to 19 June against teachers, parents and students in Notsichtlan of the southern Oaxaca state, where they are continuing for around three years now, questioning the government’s “reforms” in Education and the new evaluation and hiring process of teachers.

The attack of the Mexican police, conducted with the support of the government and the President of Mexico Enrique Nieto, resulted in the death of at least eight protesters and the injury of over 100 more people.

FISE invites the organizations of teachers to express their solidarity and to condemn the anti-educational, anti-labor, terrorist and murderous policy of the Mexican government. The struggle of teachers in Mexico against the evaluation, against the education that is subordinated to the interests of the multinationals and capitalists, should continue. It is necessary to strengthen the solidarity and the support of all workers. It is necessary to express the outrage of the unions against the murders, the arrests, the persecution of the trade unionists and workers.

Oaxaca Journalist Covering Teachers’ Strike Shot Dead

Teachers’ strikes in Oaxaca have escalated as more armed police mobilize to the south, ending with the death of eight civilians on Sunday.

A journalist in Oaxaca was shot dead Sunday afternoon after covering the teacher’s blockade of a main highway.

Eligio Ramos Zarate, reporter at El Sur that went by the pseudonym Guillermo Parie, was shot in the neck by two motorcyclists who are still unidentified as he was photographing the holdup of a convenient store nearby.

image002 (1)

Raul Cano Lopez, brother of the director of Hechos, another newspaper in Juchitan, Oaxaca, was also killed in gunfire. His brother said that he was just sitting at the bus stop. One unidentified person was injured.

The state agency for investigations said it has not confirmed any motive, but that Ramos Zarate had connections to someone who “supposedly committed illegal acts,” reported El Proceso.

The state of Oaxaca has been under fire during escalating strikes by the SNTE teachers union, affiliated with the CNTE, against neoliberal education reforms.

The blockade of Canal 33 of a major highway that began last week was met with 900 police on Friday. Teachers called for the release of two of their union leaders, who were detained under what they call bogus claims.

At least eight civilians, according to CNTE’s latest count, were killed on Sunday in Nochixtlan, Oaxaca after clashes between strikers and police grew violent.

Violence against journalists in Mexico is among the worst in the world, with a reporter attacked every 22 hours, according to a new report. Attacks rose by 22 percent last year.


Death Toll Rises in Oaxaca As Govt Represses Teacher Protests

The Mexican government followed through on its threat to use force against striking dissident teachers.

Mexican police attacked teachers striking against neoliberal education reforms in the southern state of Oaxaca, killing at least eight people and leaving dozens more injured.

Police were attempting to evict teachers from a road blockade on the Oaxaca-Puebla highway in the municipality of Nochixtlan when gunfire erupted, leading to violent clashes that lasted approximately four hours. teleSUR Mexico correspondent Aissa Garcia reported that as many as 12 people may have been killed by the state violence.

Teachers from the dissident CNTE union, also known as Section 22, had set up the blockade as part of protests over an education reform implemented by President Enrique Peña Nieto and the arrest of several of the unions’ leaders over the past week.

In a press conference from the Mexican capital, a spokesperson for the union said the dead included Andres Aguilar Sanabria, 23, and Santiago Jimenez Aylin, 28, who have been identified as trainee teacher students. The spokesperson said there was a third fatality but did not provide any details.

The union spokesperson blamed the police forces who participated in the eviction for the three deaths, calling it an “attack,” and asked the government to engage in dialogue with the striking teachers.

The death toll of five demonstrators was later confirmed by the public prosecutor’s office in Oaxaca. Meanwhile, Proceso magazine reported six deaths while the CNTE themselves later reported nine.

teleSUR’s correspondent in Mexico was told by the CNTE on Monday that the figure had risen to 12, with 10 fatalities in Nochixtlan, one in Hacienda Blanca and another in Juchitan.


SADTU Message on June 16th, 2016

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16 June 2016

SADTU Message on June 16th

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) salutes the youth of Soweto whose gallant actions on this day (16 June), 40 years ago, brought about a turning point to the history of this country.

Clad in their school uniforms; with only their sheer numbers, unity of purpose and determination as their shield, these Soweto students took to the streets to protest the use of Afrikaans as a language of instruction in the face of arrests, torture and death. Their actions reverberated throughout the country and drew in all sectors of society.

Their call was not simply about the language, but for quality education and an end to the apartheid regime. The “Class of 76” fully understood the importance of education as a liberator and a gateway to a better life.

As we celebrate, we note the many policies that have been enacted to ensure that right to education in South Africa is realised. The doors of learning have been opened through, among others, no-fee schools, school nutrition programmes and scholar transport.

However, many challenges still prevail, as the quality has not improved for the African Working Class child.


Access to quality education is, for an African Working Class child, still compromised, as they are subjected to overcrowded classroom conditions that are caused by Post-Provisioning Norms that provide for teacher posts according to the number of classrooms, and not subjects or grades offered per school. This is happening despite a resolution taken at the Mangaung Conference of the African National Congress to review this right-wing Post-Provisioning model. Continue reading

Pakistan: Teachers protest against privatisation of public schools

Teachers  protest against privatisation of public schools


Teachers Union  protest against the privatisation of government schools on Friday at the Charing Cross located on Mall Road Lahore.
The demonstration continued long into the night and teachers have refused to budge from their demands even after 15 hours since the protest started.
The Teachers Union  leader said that public schools are being handed over to private schools including Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)in the guise of poor performance.
According to details, the protest continued as hundreds of school teachers decided to stage a sit-in in front of the Punjab Assembly after talks with the provincial government remained unsuccessful.
The protesters spent the night outside the assembly and refused to end sit-in until their demands are met. Female teachers were also seen amongst the demonstrators, protesting against the government’s move.
The protesters said that it is a conspiracy to jeopardise the whole system of public education. The protesting teachers chanted slogans against the government.