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COMMUNICATION on May 1st, International Workers’ Day

130 years have passed since the uprising of the workers in Chicago in 1886 who were struggling for work for everyone with full rights.
On the occasion of Labour Day, the ultimate day of class struggle and internationalist solidarity of the working class, the World Federation of Teachers Unions, member of the WFTU, addresses a militant class greeting to all workers in the field of public and private education.
Our struggle for the rights of teachers is tightly tied to workers’ struggles for a better life, education and dignity.
Education for us is a weapon and a tool for the improvement of society, whereas the capital, its governments and the European Union, the economic mechanisms see it as a merchandise and a field to ensure to the capitalists more profits.
On the occasion of the International Workers’ Day, FISE invites teachers unions, teachers, to strengthen the struggle against the causes that generate wars, refugees, poverty, exploitation, illiteracy, blockades.
To build fronts of struggle in every university, every school, in every neighbourhood. Teachers, students and workers must join forces to empower our voices, with tenacity and determination to walk the road paved by the workers in Chicago in 1886

WFTU Statement on May Day 2016


The World Federation of Trade Unions on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day on 1st May 2016 conveys a militant salute to all men and women of the working class and to the 92 million members of WFTU in more than 120 countries.

Men and women, younger or older, employed or unemployed, migrants and refugees, the World Federation of Trade Unions wishes you strength, determination and courage in your small-scale or large-scale struggles.

The multinationals, the reactionary governments, neo-fascist and racist forces, the imperialist mechanisms dread this day. Because it is a symbol of internationalism, a symbol of struggle, a symbol of class unity. These are our most powerful tools with which we need to arm ourselves in our struggles for better lives, in our struggles against poverty and wars generated by the capitalist barbarity.

Building strong class-oriented base trade unions that are massive, democratic, militant we strengthen the WFTU.

And by strengthening the WFTU as a rooted class-oriented Organization of the base, internationalist and uniting, we strengthen our trade unions.

In all countries of the world, with all forms of action we demand our contemporary needs, our labor, social and trade union rights.

Our reality of misery, unemployment, poverty and wars in contrast to the technological and scientific progress and the wealth we produce, prove how unrealistic and rotten the capitalist mode of production is. Continue reading

Protest to the Embassy of Algeria in Athens

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A protest was submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Algeria in Athens, supporting the struggle of the Algerian Teachers for work with rights.
The resolution was submitted by representatives of WFTU, FISE and PAME.

To the Embassy of the Republic of Algeria
Mr Ambassador,
From the 27th of March 2016, has started the march of dignity of non-permanent teachers, from the town of Bédjaia in Algeria to reach Algiers, demanding their reinstatement.
The march has been prevented to move on and has repeatedly faced police attacks. More than a thousand teachers that initiated the march, are determined to continue and have the support of many unions and employees.
In the last few days they were restrained in Boudouaou town surrounded by police and with an explicit prohibition to come into contact with the citizens of the region.
On Monday 18/4 a massive police operation took place that forced the protesters to board on buses to various destinations.
We denounce the Algerian Government for not only disrespecting teachers right to demonstrate, but also ordering the police forces to attack and suppress a peaceful protest. The domination and terrorism cannot silence and inactivate the labor movement. Workers have the right to struggle for their rights and to choose the form of struggle they decide.
Against governments attack, employees have the weapon of organization and solidarity.
The World Federation of teachers FISE, a member of the WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) that represents millions of teachers worldwide, after todays protest at the Algerian Embassy, expresses its solidarity with the struggle of teachers
• For work with rights
• For freedom and respect for union rights
With resolutions have also expressed their solidarity
International Sectoral Organizations of the WFTU
PAME (All workers militant front of Greece) as well as teachers’ Unions in Greece

FISE conveys a militant salute to the fight of replacement teachers and teachers that are demonstrating in Greece


The World Federation of Teachers Unions (FISE) affiliated to WFTU, conveys a militant salute to the fight of replacement teachers and teachers that are demonstrating in Greece.

Dear Colleagues,
We support your just demand for withdrawal of the amendment of the law, according to which thousands of layoffs of teachers will ocurr as well as many preschools will close.
The struggle of all teachers to work with full rights and exclusive free education for all children, is for us tenacious.
The governments that are serving capital interests, are using education and educators as a mechanism well suited to replicate their policy and to ensure their profits.

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