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To the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico FMPR


To the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico FMPR

Dear Colleagues,

The Secretariat of the World Federation of Teachers Union was informed about the serious problems that you face in your homeland.

It is true that in many countries they are attempting to close down schools, like in your country, too, where 300 schools are closing down, they seek to privatize public education, a punitive evaluation system is being imposed, wages of teachers are getting reduced and generally labor rights are being taken away. At the same time the content of education does not meet the modern needs of education.

These measures are adopted by governments that serve the needs of multinationals and they steadily work to assure the profits and the interests of the capital.

 FISE, member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, WFTU, fights for the rights of teachers and for the access to free contemporary education for all children of the working class and the grassroots classes worldwide.

It supports the struggles of the Federation of Teachers in Puerto Rico and of all trade unions fighting for the abolition of exploitation of man by man.

We stand by you and we express our solidarity.

 The Secretariat.

Appeal for Solidarity and Support to the Teachers’ Struggle in Puerto Rico

Appeal for Solidarity and Support to the Teachers’ Struggle in Puerto Rico

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On behalf of the Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico (Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico or FMPR), we extend our warm solidarity to you and the struggles you are engaged in. We would like to update you as to the current political and social situation in Puerto Rico, particularly (but not exclusively) as it affects the educational community: students, parents, teachers and families, as well as to solicit your support for our ability to escalate our involvement in these important struggles.

Historical Context

Due to the colonial relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico, conditions imposed on the island have important repercussions on working people of the US. From drug experimentation and forced sterilization of 1/3 of Puerto Rican women of child-bearing years to the destruction of the agrarian economy, from obscene tax breaks for multi-national corporations while the majority of the population lives at or below the poverty level to the more recent extraordinary austerity program imposed upon our people, our ability to fight back against such draconian attacks is a critical element in our common struggle against the neo-liberal agenda.

Attacks on Public Education

As in the US, the entire public educational system is under attack, from pedagogy to labor rights, from privatization efforts to the dismantling of community participation. While some of the most vicious attacks have focused on educators, similar assaults are increasing against unionized public sector workers, and those in the private sector continue as well.

The Federal Department of Education and the Governor of Puerto Rico (Alejandro García Padilla) are employing a monumental offensive to shut down more than 300 schools, impose charter schools, destroy teachers’ labor benefits, and privatize public education in our island.

The process of Federalization, which began with the implementation of the “No Child Left Behind Law,” has intensified with the rollout of the so-called “Flexibility Plan” in June 2015.  Similar to the conditions attempted in the US, that federal plan mandates a punitive evaluation system for teachers based on fraudulent standardized test results; abrogation of negotiated teachers’ rights, imposes a workload that makes quality education an impossibility, and most recently penalizes students who participate in our largely successful opt-out of standardized tests movement.

The Federalization of the Department of Education in Puerto Rico vis a vis this Flexibility Plan:

  • Makes a lucrative business out of education
  • Imposes authoritarian rote learning
  • Disallows an environment that fosters creativity and critical thought
  • Facilitates the economic and cultural oppression of Puerto Ricans.

The Colonial Economic Model

This reality, combined with the profound crisis this model is encountering (resulting in the elimination of many thousands of government jobs and the deterioration of benefits), has dramatically increased already high rates of unemployment and dependency, and forced the migration of more than a half million Puerto Ricans in the past ten years.  The inability of the Puerto Rican government to pay the public debt (a good portion of which involves the inadequate funding of Medicaid and Medicare and long-standing imposed dependency conditions) and the devaluation of that debt has set the stage for the IMF-recommended imposition of extraordinary fiscal measures against our people. Continue reading

FISE expresses its solidarity with the workers of Air France


FISE expresses its solidarity with the workers of Air France 

5fca003b05fbc5acb2b60191838262b3The World Federation of Trade Unions of Teachers FISE, which is member of the WFTU expresses its solidarity with the workers of AIR Frances and with the teachers – students of Denmark.

Dear fellow militants, the dismissals, the cuts in education, the removal of labor rights, are measures imposed by the monopolies and multinationals in order to save their profits and consolidate their power. The EU, the governments of European countries are working hard, making negotiations to make laws, to impose antipopular measures to enable the capital to ensure profits.

It is necessary to strengthen our relations, the relations between trade unions that struggle to defend the rights of the working class and to organize militant mobilizations. The dismissals in AIR Frances, the cuts in education prepared by the Danish government attack all workers; attack the education and the right to life of young people in Denmark and of all the popular strata. Continue reading

Iraq: Teachers stay out on strike across Sulaimaniya


Teachers protest for unpaid salaries in front of Kalar’s education directorate for the 18th day in a row

Teachers and other civil servants continue to protest in Sulaimaniya and Halabja provinces Iraq over months of back pay, though street tension has calmed since violent protests clashes between protestors and security forces turned deadly on Oct. 9, killing six people.On Monday, several thousand teachers demonstrated outside Sulaimaniya’s education directorate on the city’s main thoroughfare on Salim Street, and joined by others who also claimed to be due salaries

Thousands of Mexican teachers protest in 4 states

Thousands of Mexican teachers went on strike on Monday in the southern states of Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas, staging marches, road blockades and taking over businesses and offices to demand that the government resume a dialogue with them concerning their demands.

The “active work stoppage” lasting 24 hours was called by the militant CNTE union.

The CNTE for more than two years has been staging mobilizations against the educational reform promulgated by President Enrique Peña Nieto in 2013.

In particular, the union rejects the obligatory evaluation of teachers without taking into account the particular characteristics of the country’s regions.

In Guerrero, besides suspending classes in practically all primary schools, the teachers blocked the highway connecting the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco with the Mexican capital for more than two hours.

In Chilpancingo, the state capital, another group of educators took over several bank branches and businesses as a means of exerting pressure on the federal government to resume the dialogue with the teachers, which was suspended in June.

Mobilizations also occurred in Acapulco.

In Oaxaca, where authorities said the work stoppage affected 65 percent of the schools, the teachers also blocked roads, including the access routes to the Oaxaca city airport and several stores belonging to transnational companies. Continue reading

Message of condolence

pit-cnt teliko

Montevideo, October 12, 2015

Dear partners,

The FENAPE’s executive committee send to all the democratic Turkish organizations our fraternity solidarity in this terrible moment.

The pacific mobilization was the way to express our fairs demands.

We refuse any form of terrorism and our option is always the dialogue to resolve our differences.


José Olivera                                      Manuel Oroño                         José Luis Porto
Sec. General de la FENAPES                Sec. De RR.II                           Com. RR.II