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Parents of 43 missing students begin hunger strike in Mexico

Mex1Mexico City (AFP) – Parents of 43 Mexican students who disappeared last year began a 43-hour hunger strike on Wednesday, a day before meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto ahead of the case’s anniversary.

The families of the young men gathered under a white tarp in front of Mexico City’s cathedral at the historic Zocalo square and declared the start of their protest at 7:00 pm (0000 GMT).

Holding signs with the pictures and names of their sons, they sat as a doctor examined them to make sure they could take part in the nearly two-day fast. They were to spend the night there under tents.

“For 43 hours, we will only drink water and we’ll be fasting when we meet with the president,” Nardo Flores, whose son Bernardo is among the missing, told AFP.

Mex2It will only be the second meeting between the parents and Pena Nieto since last year’s tragedy, which turned into the biggest crisis of his administration and caused his approval rating to dip.

The Mexican leader and the families will come face-to-face at 1:00 pm on Thursday in a museum at the city’s vast Chapultepec park.

Vidulfo Rosales, the parents’ attorney, said they will call on Pena Nieto to order a new investigation and for authorities to present the 43 young men alive. Continue reading

Μontevideo: repression, injured and arrested



We were informed about the incidents that took place in the building of CoDiCen of ANEP in the evening of 22nd September.


FISE, the World Federation of Teacher Unions, member of the World Federation of Trade Unions WFTU condemns the attacks on students, teachers and trade unionists that demonstrated outside the building and supports the struggles of teachers of the National Federation of Teachers of Secondary Education of Uruguay, C.S.E.U- PIT-CNT.

It is our duty to strengthen the solidarity against violence and state repression

We wish you great strength. We are with you.

The Secretary

Massive Demonstration of PAME Against the Anti Migrant Policy of the EU (PHOTOS)


“Murderers-Thieves-Hypocrites Are Europe’s Imperialists”


PAME held a massive demonstration on Wednesday, September 23rd, in Solidarity with the Migrants and the Refugees, protesting against the Anti-migrant policy of the European Union.

The EU and the Government of the Member States, hypercritically express sympathy to the refugees, when they are those who cause the uprooting of the hundreds of thousands of people, with their imperialist interventions.

PAME in the early afternoon gave one (1) tone of milk to refugees who are camped in Athens and later, thousands of workers, youth and people from the popular strata demonstrated the streets of Athens.

When the demonstration reached the EU Offices the demonstrators started shouting Murderers-Murderers” and they put a huge banner at the front side of the building with the photo of the young Syrian boy, who was drowned trying to cross the sea with his family.

The banner wrote: “Murderers-Thieves-Hypocrites Are Europe’s Imperialists”

At the same time many demonstrators threw red paint and burned the flag of the EU.


Photos at:

Dynamic Teachers’ Struggle in Kenya


kenya 2

After the dynamic strike of teachers in Kenya, their country’s Supreme Court deemed their request fair and ordered a pay increase of at least 50%. The government, on the other hand questions the court ruling, while the President, Uhuru Kenyatta, claims that this would harm the state budget. Therefore, it proceeded to the closure of public schools in order to put pressure on teachers, so that they back off from their demands, while at the same time, the private schools of the country are operating normally. Teachers, on the other hand, continue their struggle and call on the government to respect the court decision.

 kenya  3  kenya

FISE (World Federation of Teacher Unions), member of WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) condemns the government of Kenyatta, who blackmails the teachers and sets even more class barriers in education with this attitude.

kenya  4

We express our solidarity with the fair struggle of teachers in Kenya and we call on all educational organizations participating in the FISE to actively express their support.


Teachers strike in Seattle

17th September 2015seattle_teacher_strike_wide_crowd

      The World Federation of Teachers Union, affiliated to WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions), welcomes the 5000 teachers in Seattle who held a dynamic strike the previous week and continue with their demands around a pay rise according the current cost of life, evaluation and length of school day.
FISE supports the struggle of teachers and the front of workers, parents and students on the right to education for all, which the children of working class need.


Solidarity with the students in Chile

chileThe World Federation of Teachers Unions F.I.S.E , a member of The World Federation of Trade Unions, expresses its support to the fighting students of Chile, and denounces the suppression of the Bachelet Government of Chile against the struggle of the students.
The fighting students claim free public education against the plans of the Bachelet socialdemocratic government, who promotes a commercialized Education in Chile, in which the laws from the time of the dictatorship of Pinochet will still be in force.
The demands and the struggles of the students is an issue of the working class. A working class that must have full access and use of science and of free public education. The fight for an education, which covers all the contemporary needs of the working class against the commercialization and the capitalist competitiveness in the universities and schools, is an issus that concerns all of us 
The World Federation of Teachers Unions F.I.S.E supports the struggles of the students in Chile.