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zetfarmThe FISE World Federation of Teachers’ Unions affiliated to WFTU expresses its complete class solidarity with the workers of Zet Farma in Turkey and their transport sector union Nakliyat-İş and their mobilizations and struggles they have been conducting for over 200 days.

The reason for their mobilizations is that the company had laid off workers, because they were unionize, members of the Nakliyat-İş union.

Yesterday, the workers occupied the warehouse of the company demanding reincorporation of the laid-off workers and demanding the right to organize.

The FISE, support the demands for trade union rights in Zet Farma company, against employer’s terrorism. We demand company stops its anti-union and anti-labor policy of terrorizing  unionized workers.

The Secretariat

France: Teachers’ mobilisations


French teachers began mobilisations on 19th May, in response to the education reform, which, among other things, aims to strengthen the “autonomy” of schools. Teachers from the primary level marched in Paris and many other cities protesting that government plans will not enhance public education as is being claimed but will rather disintegrate knowledge. The French government has expedited measures, which for various reasons have not been invoked so far, and under the directions of the EU adapt public schools to the current needs of the “market”.

FISE demands the immediate release of comrade Julia Amparo Lotan, Vice President of WFTU

FISE the World Federation of Teachers’ Unions affiliated to WFTU demamds the immediate release of comrade Julia Amparo Lotan, Vice President of WFTU.

FISE condemns the arrests of comrade JULIA AMPARO LOTAN, Vice President of WFTU and leader of the Trade Union Federation UNSITRA Guatemala, by the government of Guatemala.

FISE denounces the anti-trade union policy of the Guatemalan Government and demands the immediate release of comrade JULIA AMPARO LOTAN.

We express our support to UNSITRAGUA Continue reading

Chile: Two students dead after huge demonstrations


Valparaiso: the suppression in Chile continues

For one more time, huge student demonstrations, with the participation of workers, were confronted with suppression (by carabineers) in Chile. Last Thursday, thousands of students, pupils and workers took to the streets of the capital Santiago, as well as other cities, demanding quality, public and free education from the social democratic government of Michelle Bachelet, so that she goes on with the necessary educational reform, an issue which she had undertaken before the elections.
In the city of Valparaiso, last Thursday afternoon and after the massive student demonstration, two students, the 18 year-old Esequiel Borbaran and the 25 year-old Diego Qusman, member of the Communist Youth of Chile, dropped dead by the bullets of a 22 year-old landlord who shot them, as mentioned, from his balcony, because the students had been putting on posters, and who was arrested afterwards. Last Thursday evening and last Friday, new massive mobilizations went on, as well as manifestations, in honour of the murdered students. The government announced that this incident will be thoroughly investigated, but it separates it from police’s action. However, the atmosphere that is created every time students go on a march, is this of a police terrorism. Continue reading

Italy: Strike against education reforms

renzi100000 teachers, students and union members in Italy  marched on May 5 and May 12 against education reforms currently being pushed by Renzi’s goverment. The protests were in response to education reforms “La Buona Scuola” or “Good School” which will leave public schools underfunded, give private schools an unfair advantage and exclude many substitute teachers who are currently working on temporary contracts. The last strike over the “GoodSchool” reforms took place on April 24 when thousands took the streets in Rome. The protesters will continue with more actions until the education reforms are dropped.

German Teachers Strike

germany Teachers in the old East Germany have been on strike this week. The teachers are striking because 20 years after the reunification of Germany many teachers in the East still earn less than their colleagues in the West. There was a demonstration of several thousand in Potsdam, near the capital Berlin and in Dresden, 17,000 marched. Parents expressed support for the teachers saying that decent pay for staff and good conditions in schools were essential if children were to receive a good education. Another demand of the strikes and protests is the struggle for temporary teachers to be paid proper union rates.