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On Monday February 16 we will give all the material aid to the people of Palestine

 WP_20150216_009Successfully was completed the solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine, which was an initiative of the WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions), the FISE (World Federation of Teachers` Union) in cooperation with the General Union of Palestinian Workers.

The concentration of material (erasers, pencils, notebooks, coloring books, bags, toys), exceeded all expectations. The impact was such that three months after the end of the campaign, still arrive new materials at the Regional Trade Union Centre of Piraeus, though the first delivery of materials took place in an event of the Trade Unions of Workers in the shipbuilding zone, on 17th of October, with the presence of many Presidents of Associations of Teachers of Primary Education, Associations of Teachers of Secondary Education, representatives from various organisations as well as the General Union of Palestinian Workers.WP_20150216_003 Continue reading

Trade Unions Federation of Lugansk People`s Republic – WFTU

Dear World Federation of Teachers` Union!
On behalf of thousands of teachers of Lugansk region and the whole Donbass we sincerely thank you for the support and understanding.
The position that is officially expressed by the World Federation of Teachers` Union inspires and gives thousands of teachers of Donbass the confidence at the peaceful solution of the military conflict that is on our territory.
The support of our European colleagues is very important for all of us!
Now our teachers` unions know that The World Federation of Teachers` Union is their like-minded partner and supporter. With all responsibility we declare that your organization led by its clear and strong statements will tell not only the TRUTH about the policy of double standards pursued by the US, NATO and the EU, but will save thousands of teachers!
Your position gives us confidence in the victory of the working people over the interests of big capital, a victory in defense of the most basic human right – the right to live!
From all my heart and on behalf of the teachers` trade union activists of Lugansk region, we express our appreciation for the solidarity, courage and the desire to tell the TRUTH about this war in Donbass, protecting the interests of the working people!
Wishing you peace and kindness,
The Chairman of the Trade Unions Federation
of Lugansk People`s Republic                                                                   Oleg Akimov

Respect to the life and the rights of the employees of Donetsk (Ukraine)

 Respect to the life and the rights of the employees of Donetsk (Ukraine)

Donentsk Dear colleagues

We are following with anguish the developments in your country.

The everyday attacks of the Ukrainian troops against the civilian population and the destructions of the building infrastructure and the industrial establishments.

The 5.000 people who were killed and the millions of people who were mutilated during this war is not an accident, but another tragedy of the imperial policy.

The Ukrainian armed forces that keep on destroying the infrastructure of Donbass on purpose, demolishing enterprises, schools, nursery schools and hospitals are sending a dangerous threatening message of razing every people who resists and does not submit to the interests of the governments that serve the capital to the ground. Continue reading