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We welcome the release of the Cuban Patriots


We welcome the release of the Cuban Patriots.

     To Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC)

    The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, a member of the WFTU welcomes the release of Cuban patriots who were illegally detained for years in the US because they revealed certain  organizations’  projects (supported and funded by the US Government) against Cuba.

The struggles of your people and the efforts of the global progressive labor movement brought positive results and the patriots, fighters returned to their families in Cuba.

The story  of the five patriots, the Cuban resistance to  the imperialists’ embargo , the struggles of the Cuban people are  a piece of history that is always taught   by teachers who are fighting for the rights of the working class and of all people , teachers who are organized in the unions of FISE.
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Message to the Trade Unions of Pakistan: FOR MURDER OF STUDENTS


Message to the Trade Unions of Pakistan

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions FISE (member of WFTU), that represents the class-oriented movement of the workers of the education sector, expresses globally its sincere condolences and its support to the teachers’ unions, to the families of the students and to the working class of Pakistan about the murderous armed attack against little children in the school of Peshawar.
The students’ murder is a consequence of the imperialist policy in the region, which funded, at first, the groups of Talibans against the Soviet Union, and nowadays, uses them as an alibi in order to control the energy resources of the region. The tears shed by the USA, their NATO allies and by the government of Pakistan are fake, since they are directly responsible for the tragedy, that the Paki people is experiencing. Their hands are stained with blood. Continue reading